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    M135 Brake system question

    Hallo all, I heard a lot of historys about the brakes from a M135 truck. I have one with no working brakes. Many people tell me that its a hell to repair the brakes. Is that correct ?All info to repair and what to do to fix the brakes is very welcome. Thanks a lot
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    Info and adres wanted

    Hallo All, I come next week to the show of shows in Louisville. After that we make a trip from Louisville to Candler NC. Are there any intrest places to visit?Like dealers from military cars,parts,webbing,antique shops,museums,..... all info is welcome Send me info to...
  3. trackdriver44

    Info M820A2

    Im intrested to know how many M820A2 where produced.Anybody who can help me with info?
  4. trackdriver44

    Problem after over Voltage,Who can help?

    Where is the fuse are the module lacated?Thanks again
  5. trackdriver44

    Problem after over Voltage,Who can help?

    Yes its the small yellow light on the dash board
  6. trackdriver44

    Trailer arrived today

  7. trackdriver44

    Problem after over Voltage,Who can help?

    My friend had a problem with his alternator and had overvoltage.Since this problem the Controllamp on the dashbord from his M9 serie light always up.It was not before.What can be the problem?Thanks a lot
  8. trackdriver44

    Looking for tech manual TM9-1616 for Generating Unit, M5

    Hallo , Are you always looking for a original TM 9-1616? Thanks Hans
  9. trackdriver44

    MY new truck M934.Info needed.

    Thanks for info to here.Must the engine oil,mineral,half synthetic are full synthetic oil?
  10. trackdriver44

    MY new truck M934.Info needed.

    Hallo,all friends here. I just bought a M934 truck. I will change all the oils . Which oil is the best to use for: -Engine -Gearbox -Axels -???? Where i can buy best new filters? All other info and tips are welcom,also about how to open the sides of the M934 van. Thanks,
  11. trackdriver44

    INFO NEEDED ,dieselpump

    Hallo, I will place a new dieselpump on the engine of my M35. Who can say me whats the way to place a new dieselpump? Must i removed the radiator also,where i must check or find markings on the flywheel,or on the dieselpump,or on the engine,....??? Al information is welcom!!!!!! Thanks evrybody
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    HELP,Diesel with my engine oil

    Pictures of my pump Look the pictures of my pump,it looks a little diferent.
  13. trackdriver44

    HELP,Diesel with my engine oil

    Problem with diesel in my engine oil Hallo, Thanks for your response. Have somebody a technical picture and can say me how i must fix this problem? I never work on a dieselpump like this. Thans
  14. trackdriver44

    HELP,Diesel with my engine oil

    Hallo, I have buy a deuce dumper.Its a M624.Special built for the Norweigen army.Engine is same like M35. I became dieselfuel in my motoroil,who can say me whats the problem,??????? Thanks a lot.
  15. trackdriver44

    M624 or M35 dump serie info???

    Hallo Friends, Im looking for all info ,pictures ,websites,dealers,.... Im intrested in the history of the M624 dumper,where they are build and how many of them or build. What are all the diferents between the m624 and M35 dumper. Please send me al information. Thanks a lot. Trackdriver
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