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    Deuce trailer build thread

    To get it licensed at the DMV you will need brakes w/ an automatic emergency backup system incase the pintle/lunette snaps off. I'm assuming that you are going to use electric over hydraulic? The maximum "legal" towing weight for your Deuce is 10,000 lbs. Granted, it "could" tow much more...
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    2.5" lunette ring on Deuce pintle?

    Does anyone know if the Deuce pintle will accept a 2.5" lunette ring opening? The M105 trailers have a 3" lunette ring.
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    Price check on 16.00x20

    Berg Military Tires in North Carolina. 90% + tread, reasonably fresh dates, reasonable shipping. Roughly $250 per tire to the West Coast including shipping. Home Page - Thousands of Used Tires - Military, Industrial, Large Truck, Heavy Equipment
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    wolverine technologies

    He's a stand-up guy. He'll send it to you. Don't worry, you didn't get ripped off. It's a good kit. It lacks any form of installation instructions. But other than that you'll be pleased. If I can find his phone # I'll PM it to you. I can't remember his name, but he's very helpful on the...
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    Interest 2.5 ton to 5 ton wheel adapters

    In that case, I would be interested.
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    drilling brake drums

    Yes, brake drums can be drilled. It is NOT to relieve heat. It is to relieve trapped gasses created by the heat. As the brake shoe vaporizes it makes a layer of hot gasses that gets stuck between the metal drum and the shoe. That make the drum brakes fade on long downhill applications...
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    Interest 2.5 ton to 5 ton wheel adapters

    Are the HEMTT rims hub-centric? Would the adapter be aluminum?
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    Great idea for dual circuit brakes

    Drum brakes do not have bias. No proportioning is necessary. If anything, heavy trucks should have bias towards the rear. That way the truck driver still has control over the steering in case of brake lockup. It's better for the rears to lock up first & still have some steering control...
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    Deuce Blown Michelin Fun.

    Just out of curiosity, was the A3 sitting on flat CTIS tires when you picked it up?
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    Trying to modify my Deuce to tow a U-haul, inexpensively

    2400 miles round-trip = 240 gallons of diesel if you're lucky = $1,000 + chance of Deuce mechanical breakdown + 24 hours straight driving at 50 mph each way. I'd try U-Ship. Guaranteed there's some OTR flatbed trucker driving that route that would find room for your car for less than a grand...
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    Commercial DL ?

    Is this a serious question? I mean really? That's like buying a 747 and asking someone if it's a good idea to get a pilot's license. If you're even thinking of getting a 5 ton then you should get your CDL first. As much as some people b**** it's really not that big of a deal. You take a...
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    M146 RV Conversion

    Tubs use too much water. I would go with a shower-only & run the grey water from it to flush the toilet.
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    M109 maximum angle?

    Or you could just use a mercury filled switch as a clinometer anywhere perpendicular to longitudinal axis of the truck. That way you wouldn't have to worry about false alarms over hummocky terrain.
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    M109 maximum angle?

    Note, this is the static rollover maximum. That is, when the truck is not moving (or moving very slowly along a hillside in a straight line. It does not take into account the dynamic effects of turning the steering at speed. I assumed by your question that this is what you were interested in...
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    Deuce hood help

    What about a tilt-forward assembly? Weld the fenders to the hood, chop the fenders at the hood hinge line, add a hinge in front of the radiator, and use the on-board air to push some pneumatic pistons? Not that I've been thinking of doing that myself or anything. :rolleyes:
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