No Voltage/power on 28v gen set


Steel Soldiers Supporter
Dallas, Texas
Thanks! I have to recant on the model. Mine is older, a "WINPOWER G-1528-2A016-1 GENERATOR SET". It is obviously the same basic kind of machine and has the same engine type. My frame is tubular instead of rectangular and it has brushes in the generator unit. It was made in 1958. and has electric start. I bet it has no transistors in the regulator, not on this beast!

I do not know where the toolbox goes, why is is loose, or why there is a label saying the circuit breaker is inside the toolbox when it's plain to see it;s screwed to the back of the regulator. It would be interesting to find the correct TM on it, or at least see how it is supposed to go together. It runs but needs a carb overhaul and a fuel pump rebuild.


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