Picked up a $500 m1009 Sh*tbox. No key? Hotwire?

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Virginia Beach, VA
I was having issues uploading them! But here they are. I might be able to use the steering column too! We will see. Plus it comes with a 4L80E.

So far these are the parts I'm going to take of the 2500:
1. Exhaust manifolds
2. Intake manifold and plenum assembly
3. Turbo and air filter setup (until I get a KN setup)
4. Crossover pipe and other exhaust pieces. I can cut them up and weld them to make it fit.
5. Entire serpentine system (I need to figure out the alternator setup)
6. Steering column.
7. 4L80E For later use
8. Battery trays (fabricate them for use on the m1009 if turbo hits stock trays)
9. Block heater
10. Injectors and lines (I read stock 6.2 injector lines hit manifold or turbo)

cant really think of anything else.

If anyone needs any parts for free that I'm not using let me know. Just pay for shipping.


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Virginia Beach, VA
I’m putting this project to the side unfortunately. The rust is worse than I thought. I was looking in between the panels underneath. I would never be able to remove it all. And financially I don’t think it’ll be worth it anymore. THIS TRUCK WILL NOT GO TO THE SCRAP YARD THOUGH. Gonna save it for parts and try to keep my other trucks on the road longer.


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Smart Move. I have scrapped a few of the 1988 -1990 cab chassis models that were plow trucks for school districts. But Sharecropper that may have the transfer case you need. Maybe not. It looks much newer. It may have an OD transmission. Happy Holidays. That probably has the computer on the engine and injection pump. Good Luck with that.


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Your battery is still usable, wire brush it off & put a new connector on it & keep working on the truck. I did that to my 85 Deuce with brand new batteries when the connector got loose for some odd reason, it left a small pool of lead on the battery top. Replaced the connector & back to work she went with no problems since then. Others will chime in with similar ideas. Keep up the good work.
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