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    What is this and what does it fit?

    I am going through some of my surplus. I have a couple of these. What are they called and what do they fit? I would have thought they would have wanted a more durable grill guard, if that is what it is, than one made out of aluminum.
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    Picked up a sand blaster

    Couple of things...forget about soda. I think that was just a fad. Everyone I have talked to who had something soda blasted says it was a mess and they would never do it again. Right now, it looks like the trend is to go lots of media volume with a lower psi. I spoke at length to a place doing...
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    Detroit Diesel 8.2 and Allison AT 545

    PS: the head gasket (head bolt in actuality) problem only affected the early ones like 1982 or 83. It didn't take them long to update that.
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    Detroit Diesel 8.2 and Allison AT 545

    They are a good engine until something goes wrong. There are different versions of the 8.2 all the way up to 230hp I think. The turbocharged engine is a lot better. When properly tuned and running well, they are about the most fuel efficient engine I can think of. However, it takes several...
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    M127 trailer Albany, GA to Berea, KY

    LOL! I knew it was you...I would have quit when it went over the $800 mark. What do you do when two guys want the same thing? Flip a coin? SS should adopt a "flip a coin"...I would abide. From experience, there's always a third party though to fill the crack. It was a little over $300 with...
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    M127 trailer Albany, GA to Berea, KY

    I'm going to need a trailer either hauled or pulled in from Albany, GA. It has the inside tires on it but two of the 4 are flat. PM me if you can do the job with a quote. It's about 525 total miles according to mapquest. I'm planning a trip down that way in a couple weeks. Might be able to...
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    5 ton hemmt wheels $

    1800 more of them coming up You think they would finally run out of them but another 150 lots?! 1800 wheels...
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    Can I post this? If so, where?

    I used to do that but now I blast inside a sealed room. All the media.....I mostly used black diamond media.....gets reused. With black slag, it actually gets better the more and more it is used. It finally becomes almost as fine as sugar. Really any media these days is too expensive to use...
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    Can I post this? If so, where?

    I want to offer sandblasting service. I am a budding MVer but experienced sandblaster and painter and I'm looking for a way to help support my new addiction...that being army trucks..Let me know before I put it up somewhere and get sent to the corner again...LOL
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    Albany, GA to Berea, KY

    I'm looking at moving a m127 trailer from Albany, GA to Berea, KY. What is the best way to approach something like this? It only has 4 tires on it and part of those are flat, so it's probably going to have to be hauled in. Is there any help to load in Albany?
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    M127 Pulled by a super singled 818...

    Is there even enough center of one axle to the center of the other to even fit those xzl's...on a trailer? Is the spacing the same as the tractor? Has anyone done this....ever?
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    M127 Pulled by a super singled 818...

    What happens when you attempt to pull a 127 flatbed (or any trailer for that matter) with a 818 that has the big tires swapped onto it? Can bigger rubber be put on the trailer to level things out? If I bought an 818 and wanted to put a set of super singles with a set of xzl's which are about 54"...
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    Gun rings on 5 tons

    I recently saw a gun ring mount on a 5 ton somewhere online. Are the parts available anywhere to put one on a truck without one?
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    What a bonehead...

    ..I am. I goofed around and let that M270a1 trailer at Ft. Bragg slip through my fingers. It brought less than $1600 without the fees. I wanted it for my 819 but the shipping getting it here looked like a tall mountain to climb. I could not even find out if the base had any way to even load it...
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    Ending prices not shown on GL

    I side mostly with those who are complaining. The auction that closed Thursday had several 900 series at Montgomery that I had watched previously. I had even asked the forum here questions about them before I even bid on them. One of them, I remember bidding over $8,000 on and that same truck...
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