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    Portsmouth DRMO

    Boo Hoo, I was ready to leave for NH/ME depending on which gate you use.
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    I need a bolt! Please help.

    From the Chebby parts book.........Screw, hex, tap (#10-32 x 1/2 inch) Imagine that, not metric.
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    1988 m35a2c

    Its in the GL instructions on their site.
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    Not a vehicle but

    Shouldn't cost ya more than a grand to get it from ND to SC. Then it truly would be a Grand Piano.
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    new glass for m35a2

    Flat glass is as close as your nearest automotive glass shop... $35 you put it in or about $60 they put it in....I usually use a light tint.
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    CUCV light switch

    If the three lever light switch as standard from 1950 had been used there would be no problem.
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    trans not taking off porperly

    If you manually shift from 1 to 2 to 3 from a stop, does it operate correctly..?
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    trans not taking off porperly

    vacuum to the modulator ok... sounds like slipping clutches or sticky valving in valve body.
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    My "M" won't start

    Change the condensor and be sure it is a us made one. The mexican ones tend to make the trucks backfire and rev slow.
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    Removing the blackout lights and 24volt jump systems

    RE: Removing the IR and blackout light and 24volt jump syste Well, as the cucv has no infrared lights, you have no problem there. The Nato Slave Receptical is a two wire affair... guess you can handle that by following the leads back to the junction block on the firewall. I surmise you are...
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    Gladhand Seals

    I hang em on the directional signal lever.
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    Brake and Clutch pedal "bumpers"

    Actually I believe they are called draft pads.
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    Incorrect SF97

    The Vin is C124XXXXX The first 6 digits are the registration # and the 72 may be the year of mfg... but...what will find on the frame, I believe will be the C124XXXXX and have them verify it on the frame...
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    Brake Fluid PM

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