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    Oil Pressure has left the building.

    Your retired any way--not like you have anything better to do...LOL
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    Gen 1 exciter---ground stealing voltage

    To begin charging the Alt must be receiving the proper voltage into the exciter circuit. If you would please reread my initial post I clearly state the trouble shooting procedure I am following. The first step is not to replace the Alt at first sign of trouble.
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    Gen 1 exciter---ground stealing voltage

    It is not reading anything at the battery. That's the problem.
  4. bkwudzhom

    Gen 1 exciter---ground stealing voltage

  5. bkwudzhom

    Gen 1 exciter---ground stealing voltage

    Gen 1 exciter---what am I missing? Before I get started..yes I have searched...yes I have read Warthogs Gen 1 Exciter post and thanks to his post I have upgraded my collection of laminated schematics. Problem started on routine trip to town. Drove in with no problem. When leaving the store...
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    CUCV Wiring Diagram color (except M1010)

    Thanks Warthog for all the time and effort you have spent. I have learned a ton. For those of us constantly working on clearing electrical gremlins here is an idea. Some times it takes a while for me to trace a circuit due to time or weather restraints. (I have worked on it as little as 30mins...
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    how hard do you drive it

    M1008 with 33's and stock drive train. I keep it at 55 just to play it safe.
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    Is there a wrong position for the oil cooler lines?

    Yes! There is a difference in the way they are bent. I recently replaced my oil cooler lines on my M1008 as well. I had read of so many problem with the aftermarket ones not fitting and weeping that I took the OEM lines to the local NAPA. They were able to cut the original crimp sleeve off and...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Used the M1008 to get a load of fire wood out of a clear cut. The land owner assumed that he would get a kick out of watching some fool get stuck in the mud or hung up on some of the brush once the truck was loaded...needless to say he was disappointed.
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    Lessons learned for oil cooler hose replacement

    Sorry but no..The goal was to get it done before dark. I could hardly get the die grinder in there. Will try to get a few in the future and do the step by step thing.
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Ground the bracket out of the way so I could replace the lower oil cooler line and not cuss...added a bit of heater hose for padding and ziptied it to the upper one until I can get the proper brace and replace it....Serviced the Transmission... Replaced both rear wheel cylinders .... hand bent...
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    Lessons learned for oil cooler hose replacement

    Not long ago I decided to replace the weeping oil cooler hoses on the M1008. Instead of buying new ($30+ each!!)... I took them to my local NAPA store that builds Hydraulic hoses. They were able to cut off the old clamp and install fresh hose that was not likely to leak in a couple of years like...
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    Oil/Trans Cooler lines

    Oill cooler line repair Hope you can source a set of hard lines from a junker.. When you do take it to the local NAPA or other that makes hoses and they are able to cut off the old crimp and reuse the stock fittings--Cost me $15--Keep up with the o rings unless someone has a part number for...
  14. bkwudzhom

    R.I.P.--TIGGER--Matthew Helms

    Been working double shifts for over a year now and just picked up on this thread.. Gonna miss ya Tig. Semper FI!
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