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    6cta head gasket

    The reason they need the serial number is to determine head gasket thickness for your engine application. However, there are only three different gaskets for the 6CTA 8.3 with thickness sizes from "Standard" to .15mm to .50mm The Cummins part numbers, listed in order from above by size are...
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    Allison transmission

    If this is a Deuce, I would re-power the truck with a 12 valve mechanical 5.9 BT Cummins and a AT540 Allison. They are both pretty cheap, easy mechanical engine and trans combo to install and work on and they would both fit nicely in a Deuce package without too much trouble.
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    Portland Oregon - Large Truck Mechanic - Recommendations Please

    The frame extensions, fuel tank, and gear set change are no problem. Could you tell us a little more about the MD3070 transmission mods you want? Also, you can see our work and what we do on either our YouTube Channel which is ARICE50 or our company website which is
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    Portland Oregon - Large Truck Mechanic - Recommendations Please

    We're not in Oregon but we'd love to sink our teeth into that puppy.
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    Getting tired of the same ole thing..

    I like it....I really like it. Would look cool if you could find one of those old Air Force camper shells they ran on the 1008 and do it tan as well....
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    Our New Departmental MRAP

    2500 MRAPS are being distributed amongst the 50 States. California already has 60 (yes sixty) of them. Texas has recieved 28 to date. All models....MAXXPRO, CAIMAN, etc.......
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    Getting tired of the same ole thing..

    I vote a 686 Tan exterior topcoat with black rims and black brushgaurd/bumpers and a tan interior.......
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    HMMWV odd smoking problem.

    Ok got it. Sorry I missed the smoke color posting. Not to quibble, but I've worked with 6.2 and 6.5 (and 5.7...that tells my age) since 83 and I've seen alot of pumps and nozzles changed that didn't need it......sometimes something as stupid as a stuck open thermostat, not allowing the engine to...
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    HMMWV odd smoking problem.

    Never heard what color smoke.....when you say unburnt I'm assuming the smoke is black?
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    M817 Spicer to Allison

    Oh, scratch that on the trans cooler from the M939.....we utilized a Thermal Dynamics aftermarket cooler.
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    M817 Spicer to Allison

    We've done it on a couple of our brush truck conversions awhile back. I'd have to dig up my notes but I know we robbed a trans, trans cooler, shift tower and shifter, from a basket case M939 and did the conversion in about a week. You'll need a good driveline shop who is a Dana/Spicer driveline...
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    923 AM General oil pressure problem?

    One other test you can do is on the gauge. This test works for all electric gauges in the truck. Simply unhook the gauge and the needle should be all the way to the left. Ground the gauge out and the needle should jump all the way to the right. If it only goes half way or does not completly "peg...
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    Dual 12 / 24 volt alternator on M932A2

    The radiator and CAC in the picture is the same cooling package in a Marine Corps 7-Ton MTVR manufactured by Modine. That cooling package, in the MTVR, supports a C13 Cat and a 4700 Allison. In my repower I was using a Cummins ISL and 3500 RDS Allison. Needless to say....that cooling package had...
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    HMMWV odd smoking problem.

    Befotre you spend a bunch of money and time, I would recommend running a cylinder cut out test to identify an injector issue. With the truck idling, simply loosen the injector line (one at a time) on each injector (PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE LINE COMPLETELY WHILE RUNNING) and see if you notice a...
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    Oshkosh P-4 Fire Crashtruck Preservation

    The P4 is a great crash truck and there are still quite a few in service around the country. I have not put my hands on one in awhile as we handle mostly active P19 and P23 Crash truck repairs and refurbishemnt for the Marines and Air Force. I can tell you that when you get the CAT up and...
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