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    M1010 Mystery wire near fuse box, pictures included

    Yup, it's not original and added by the previous owner ... or maybe the service unit that had it before the vehicle was released did something custom. The only option for you, unfortunately, is to trace it down ... Good luck.
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    Whats wrong now?

    Sorry guys for not getting back to Mike quicker. Last few days I have been traveling and wanted to address the server slowness head on. I think the last set of tweaks will do it - Mike and I will keep an eye on it. Thanks for the patience. -graham
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    Server Outages

    Yeah, i uncovered a nasty bug with the latest SMP x86_64 kernel the machine is running. apparently it wants to add 4 seconds to every 1 second that goes by. All fixed now.
  4. gasser

    Server Outages

    Guys and Mike, Server is back online ... Mike, hit me up and let me know if everything looks OK. Thanks, -graham
  5. gasser

    e-mail notification

    It's working now ... sorry, the SMTP daemon couldn't start up without some elbow grease .... -graham
  6. gasser

    Installing a tach on the M1009

    Thanks for the write-up ... I have been looking at doing this for sometime now. -graham
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    Battery, alternator or glow plug issue...

    <cough> <cough> ... and who gave you that? Geez .....
  8. gasser

    boiling batteries.

    I believe that is the glow plug relay (just on the otherside of the bulkhead) ... you will *experience* that for a few cycles ... maybe for a total of 20 seconds or so. That 'red' is the draw side, not the over-charging 'red' that you are also experiencing, right ? The alternators do have a...
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    boiling batteries.

    14.7/8 is definitely the higher part of what I would consider safe then. However, across both batteries, it should not pass 29.6. Well, something is not all OK because your batts are frying, but it could a previous condition with them that is now surfacing. Try swapping the location of the...
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    boiling batteries.

    Check the voltage-sense wire; it's the red wire out of the "two prong" that goes into the top of the alternators. This is the 12v feedback to tell the alternators regulator to keep it at the 14v or so. If it's not making the connection, your regulators are going to put out the max ... Also...
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    M1009 Alternator Light coming on

    Re: RE: Re: RE: M1009 Alternator Light coming on Indeed ... This occurs with mine, and the other two "drivers" that I owned. -graham
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    A/C ..... hot topic ;-)

    RE: Re: RE: A/C ..... hot topic ;-) I saw a pic of a CUCV with an AC compressor, with both alternators. It was mounted below the pass alternator, and I *believe* it used the same belt (it was just longer). I should have saved that picture ..... Regarding the 24v ... I don't want to jimmy-rig...
  13. gasser

    A/C ..... hot topic ;-)

    C'mon now .. you know I can't do that (the radio man ... the radio :D )
  14. gasser

    A/C ..... hot topic ;-)

    kenny, i am with you on the heat! Ok, so I got until early Spring to get something in the truck ... if I can lay my hands on the of the rear-cargo HMMWV air units, that would be best idea I think for me. Option #2 would be going with somesort of danhard air, JCW, or transplant Air unit. -graham
  15. gasser

    A/C ..... hot topic ;-)

    Yeah, I have seen those ... but looking for something to stay in the cab/cargo area. However. I liked how those HMMWV ones were used - if I can stay 'green' .... Thanks Kenny ... -graham
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