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    M920 with M870A1

    Gvw What is the combined GVW of the M920 and M870? In NC the most is 80K with load unless you have an overweight permit. :)
  2. gusto1

    M816 & M813 score!!

    Good Catch!!!
  3. gusto1

    And Now for your spank... I mean viewing pleasure

    Last year they were building many styles of MV's at the Freightliner plant in Cleveland, NC.
  4. gusto1

    New CDL Class A driver (Career)

    I probably put this in the wrong forum so if anyone notices this please let me know. I am 45 years old and have been around heavy trucks all my life with my family in the earthmoving and heavy hauling rigging and house moving. I decided at age 27 to become a Professional Land Surveyor and got...
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    some questions about the DB-2 timing advance solinoid.

    what is a DB-2?
  6. gusto1

    New from NC

  7. gusto1

    Towing M915A1 Backwards with Truhitch

    What size are your singles on the tow truck?
  8. gusto1

    3 axle lowboy

    I have been watching GL for about 2 years. I never see any 3 axle lowboy trailers up for sale. Am I just missing them or do they not sale them on the GL site?
  9. gusto1

    M172A1 wood deck restoration...?

    Try mixing in some used motor oil with the diesel. I think the diesel evaporates to fast.
  10. gusto1

    Quick, Cheap Glad Hand Inflator

    I have tied a quick couple fitting directly into the air resoviors whih works well.
  11. gusto1

    New to the forum and have some M920 questions

    Good luck with your new truck. I hope to have one someday.
  12. gusto1

    915A1 and M172A1 earning their keep

    Brandon, That's a great looking rig! Two thumbs up!!!! How much did the tag, insurance, fuel stickers, and permits cost? You are making me jealous with the pictures. Please post more of the M915 and M172 at work. Gus
  13. gusto1

    M916 fifth wheel

    What size is the fifth wheel on the M916? Is it the same 3.5" as the M920? Thanks, Gus
  14. gusto1

    M916 question??

    I feal like tearing up tonight. I wanted a M915 from VA and I forgot today was the end of the bid. Easy come easy go.
  15. gusto1

    M52A2 Transmission Housing Cracked

    I need to pick up another 5 ton tranny for my M52A2. I've got 2 questions. Will the tranny from a M818 work? This is a standard tranny, will an OD tranny fit in it;s place? Thanks all and any ideas will be helpful. Gus
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