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    yet another 109 MRV

    Connect them above the fuses. Black to the left, white to the right. Connect the ground wire (I guess green in your case) to the case of the box to ground things. Ignore the rest of the wires in my pictures. They are for the rest of my electrical system. Hope that helps.
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    yet another 109 MRV

    Are you asking how to connect the wiring into the main control box in the back of the truck to supply power (110v) to the internal system? No I didn't go into any great detail for things like wiring, as it would have make the conversion page like 10x longer, and most people are not really...
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    I would rather have a FV434. Would be nice to have the maintenance tent setup in the back while you wait out the zombie hordes surrounding the vehicle ;) We are looking at picking up a FV434 one of these days. They are nice pieces of kit ;)
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    yet another 109 MRV

    Good to see another M109 joining the ranks. We need all the trucks we can for the up coming zombie apocalypse ;) Good luck on the build!
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    No help needed with M109 Restore..

    A lot of good work you have done there. Should be good for another 40+ years ;) Looks like your truck was an old gasser converted to multi-fuel. Probably explains why the engine has so few hours on it and the older drivers box seat. Good luck fixing her up!
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    MKT85 Pickup at Mechanicsburg, PA

    Sadly that is made of unobtainium. Extremely rare to find a new set. One of our MKT's came with a new set installed, but the second MKT is stuck with its old, faded and cracking cover set. Doubt we will find one. But we do have another spare set which is in so-so shape, but is better than...
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    Not another M109 camper conversion

    Looks good. Clean install. I am sure it will serve you well.
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    MKT newbie, volunteer for KP, boston area

    Yes, most likely. You are currently doing one or two little things in 50 kitchens, using 100 people. Now you will be doing 100 little things in ONE kitchen (MKT) with 4 people doing it. You cannot have 20 people working in the MKT. You can only have a max of 4 people working in there. Plus...
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    MKT newbie, volunteer for KP, boston area

    MKT's are TONS of work. Cooking at home and re-heating the food is very different than making it in fresh in person. There is also a lot of work setting up the MKT to get it ready to cook, breaking it down afterwards and keeping the unit clean. You also have to haul all your gear with you...
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    Not another M109 camper conversion

    You have been busy. Lots of work getting done. Looks good. Almost ready for the zombies now :wink:
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    New Touch Pad Controls

    Just make sure that you grounded the switch properly with the included wire. They are well known for burning out due to not being properly grounded. While grounding it properly will not guarantee it won't burn out, it does help. Looks good though!
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    M101CDN / M416 bearing crossover #?

    If the bearings/seals/etc are still in one piece, take them to any trailer store and they should have the parts. They are pretty common. If they are too screwed up, pull them out of the wheel on the other side and bring them in to get matched up. Then buy a new kit for both sides so that you...
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    which generator/s for motorhome project?

    I believe he was talking about the style of generator I picked up (MEP-903C). You can read my thread on building the control panel here. But like Mike stated, most military generator are heavy and not very small. While it might be cheaper to try the surplus route, a civi generator made for an...
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    Non-US Military Vehicles: Canadian Issue

    lol. Yeah it is your iltis that you sent to auction. The iltis that you could never sell. Hope you put a reserve on it. Likely going cheap.
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    Canadian MLVW wheels

    Looks good. I have to get around to doing the same thing one of these days. I was going to move the bracket down, but like you, once I saw that I would have to pull out the air tanks, I decided to leave it.
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