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    Steering wheel- A0 to A2 style

    I made a video of pulling the old green wheel and put a new black one on last weekend. I used the old horn. Torque the nut to 35 ft lb if I remember correctly. I used the AutoZone wheel puller they had but the smallest bolts they had in the kit were 5/16 and wouldn't fit. So if you get a...
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    Brake pad rattle -floating pad

    Not sure if anyone has experienced this before but my 1992 M998 has an annoying clicking/knocking noise that I isolated to the front brake pads, seems like the right front. From what I can see when the rotors are turning the pads on my right front move up and down vertically. This causes a...
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Can you send me a message or post where you got the tires? I need some BFG's. Thanks!
  4. missionexpert

    2020 TX MV Rally at the Brazos Valley Off-Road Ranch

    I'm planning on going, not sure if I will camp but will try and make it with my M998.
  5. missionexpert

    Replacing the CV Axles

    If it's turning does that mean you have it jacked up? I would wait to jack it up until you have loosened the bolts.
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    HUMVEE Club Greater Houston Area ??

    I'm in the Katy/Fulshear area with my HMMWV. I'm always up for a meet. I went to an off-road meet up with the Hummer facebook club in Crosby during the Christmas holidays. They had H2's and an H3 there, I had the only MV. They don't seem to be too active (Hummer Facebook club). I plan to go to...
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    Replacing Fan M998

    Yes, it all went well. once I figured out what I was doing. (y) (y)
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    Replacing Fan M998

    Thanks. I did undo the nuts on the fan but there was not enough clearance inside the fan shroud to push the fan forward enough and then on an angle to get it over the fitting of the fan clutch. In the end I removed the 4 - 8mm hex bolts by connecting my air compressor to the fan clutch line and...
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    Replacing Fan M998

    I'm hoping someone can give me some pointers here on replacing my fan. I had one blade break off recently and now I'm in the process of changing out the fan. 1. Can you replace the fan without having to take out the whole radiator stack? 2. If so, how can you get the hex bolt holes lined up in...
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    Hmmwv fan clutch leak

    I used a gasket sealant because the gasket the pump came with was already ripped or more likely when removing it from the plastic wrap I broke it.
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    My first military vehicle

    I'll check the bolts again at the brake rotors. Did this already when I purchased it but never hurts to check again. Something to add to my list next weekend. I have the 60amp alternator. Haven't researched if that's something easy to upgrade. Good advice on the battery disconnect switch. Thanks.
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    My first military vehicle

    Thanks for adding me to the forum. I just wanted to post a pic of my 1992 M998 (6.2L and 3 speed) I purchased back in September. This forum helped me a lot to make sure I changed fluids and check various items. I spent hours researching many of your posts! Thanks! One issue I think I'm having...
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    What wiper spray nozzles did you install? I have a broken one. I'm also trying to change out the wiper blade itself with something better. Have you found something better than what is on there now?
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    Ongoing Log Of My 1987 HMMWV

    I couldn't find matched belts from the two local auto parts stores near me (Autozone and O'reilly). Expensive too. I ordered some from Autozone but they had one of two in stock, no matching sets. When the second one came in it was the same part number but had a different sub number. I had to go...
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