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    2wd 700r4

    To use ANY 700R4, you will be looking at swapping driveshafts because the lengths are different. To make the 2wd 700r4 into a 4x4, you need to swap tailshafts and the tailhousing, and you will still need new driveshafts. And in the end, you get a crappy 700r4 that won't last nearly as long as...
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    Truck Show Barrington, NH Aug 22,2010

    Bummer. Now that I found a job and can keep my Deuce, I want to go to more shows. But that weekend I'll be putting an engine in my wife's Jeep. Jim
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    Xtreme 4X4 Deuce bobbed(Spike TV)

    I managed to drive down to the in-laws just to watch the show, and it was worth it. I'll agree that Ian should have pushed it harder during the test drive, but hey, life isn't perfect. It didn't look bad at all, and the bags worked out great. I loved how easy that Sammy loaded up. It really hits...
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    Xtreme 4X4 Deuce bobbed(Spike TV)

    I'll be going to visit my in-laws in the morning so i can watch it. I just barely realized I missed today's episode (just started 10 mins ago) but fortunately its supposed to be repeated tomorrow morning. Jim
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    Gasoline and WMO mix ?

    Thin it out with some gasoline and/or diesel and you will be fine. Guys burn waste gear oil, as long as its filtered (nasty stuff in there) and thinned down. My last batch was roughly 10g diesel in the bottom of the tank, 20gal WMO, 6 gal of 2 year old gasoline, and topped off the rest of the...
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    How do you justify a Deuce to a wife/gf?

    Wow, all I ever get are waves, thumbs-up, or salutes. No flashing yet. Guess I need to drive the Deuce more often! Jim
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    PA residents and the M818

    Once you go out of state, you get into federal laws, and from everything I have read on trucking forums, ANYTHING over 26k requires a CDL. And on this "not for hire", it has been tried in many places, and people have gotten bitten hard by it. If you tow a trailer that isn't in your name, its...
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    PA residents and the M818

    Thats the way NH is. If the truck is over 26,000 GVW, commercial is needed, unless its an RV. And its only an RV if it meets certain criteria (has a bed and running water I believe...would have to check). Doesn't matter if its for personal use, it still requires CDL. They also go by the truck's...
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    ultimate onboard fuel filtration / processing setup

    I'm kind of leaning toward what some of the others have mentioned- using 2 tanks to keep the 2 different types of fuel separate. Use one tank for "clean" fuel- diesel, clean gasoline, etc. The the 2nd tank for "mystery fluids", all the stuff that could have any contaminants in it, or could gel...
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    Body lift brain trust - best practices?

    I don't see why you should have to lift the cab. Some of those larger transmissions hang a bit lower than the Spicer, but very few stick up any higher except possibly the shift tower. If it IS taller, modify the trans tunnel cover. It would be MUCH easier than a body lift on a Deuce. O.K., walk...
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    Steel or stainless brake lines

    Bending up brake line is quite easy. But if you don't mind a little investment, you can have a set of stainless lines made up. Search for Classic Tube near Buffalo, NY. You can use wire coat hangers or something similar to copy the bends of the original lines if they are in bad shape. If you can...
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    How do you justify a Deuce to a wife/gf?

    Before i bought mine, my wife said I was crazy (and a few other things I can't repeat here). Once I got it home and she checked it out, she came for a ride with me. Half way through the ride I got her to drive it. Now she likes it. If I can find work soon, I'll be able to keep the Deuce, and...
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    Anybody ever try putting an old Detroit diesel in a 725

    The Cummins 4bt is a perfect swap for an M715. Good fuel economy and plenty of power to move it. The 4bt might be a small diesel, but they can handle a load. The truck I pulled mine out of is a 12k gvw van. Value would depend on condition, how original it is, if it has upgrades...are they...
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    Milemarker hydraulic winches

    The winch should be labeled which port is the pressure port. On the pump, the line with the threaded fittings and crimped hose is the pressure hose, the line with just hose clamps on a standard rubber hose is the return line. Just a suggestion- if you plan to use the winch for anything more...
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    Pimp my deuce!!!

    Ship that truck back to the Govt. to be used as target practice. I'm not a purist, I don't mind modifying some trucks. I like tubes, pipes, bumpers, and all kinds of stuff hanging off a truck. But they actually have to have a PURPOSE. I like stacks, air cleaners, winches, and snorkels. I like...
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