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    M923A2 starting issue

    Just for future reference for anyone searching the problem was the PCB. I gutted my newer style box like Simp5782 advised and rebuilt like the older version with new solenoids. Worked like a treat. My truck never started up this well. Thanks again Simp5782 for the the advise and YouTube videos...

    M923A2 starting issue

    Thanks for the quick replies guys! Yea I did crack open the box and it looked just fine to my eye. There’s definitely a whole lot of extra junk in there that the other boxes I’ve seen being rebuilt by you Wes on YouTube don’t have. I’ll probably end up trying to find a good take out box.

    M923A2 starting issue

    My M923a2 has a gremlin I have not been able to figure out. When I go to start it cold, usually it will chatter the starter a couple quick times and then fully crank and start right up. Once it warms up a little bit and I shut the engine down and I attempt to restart the truck it will just...

    Fan engaged today and hit 200 degrees on Cummins 8.3 for first time....why??

    I pulled this line off today, and just like you said, it was clogged solid. I couldn't believe it! The clogs were at both of the fittings, but more so at the expansion tank side. I literally had to use a drill to clear the clog it was so hard and deep. It came out as black dust. It was easy to...

    Fan engaged today and hit 200 degrees on Cummins 8.3 for first time....why??

    I'm having the same issue. I recently replaced the air compressor in my truck (923a2), which requires draining the coolant. Afterwards I filled the system back up, and purged all the air that I possibly could. Anytime I drive the truck now it warms up to 200 and kicks the fan on, which I had...

    M923A2 Air Compressor Rebuild Parts

    Thanks for the numbers davo, unfortunately my cylinder head got cracked when I was taking it all apart...ugh. Does anyone have a source for M939a2 compressors? I can only find ones that are close to being right, but not exact, even with the part number.

    M923A2 Air Compressor Rebuild Parts

    Can anyone point me to where I can purchase the parts to rebuild the air compressor on my M923A2? The compressor failed on me last Sunday, and I barely made it back home. I checked the whole truck for leaks, and did not find any. I recently rebuilt the air dryer, so that was not the problem...

    M931A2 Starting trouble

    Your kids probably pulled the emergency stop, and then pushed it back in. You have to reset the fuel lever each time that you pull the emergency stop. It does not reset itself when you push it back in. All you have to do is follow the shutoff cable to where it connects in the engine compartment...

    welder choice...

    I use a Millermatic 252 when I'm working in the shop at work all the time and it always does the job. We also have a Thermal Arc 3-in-1 machine, but like anything else that tries to do to much, it does an OK job at everything. Lincoln makes great generator welders, I have one on my welding rig...

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Installed CB radio, along with antenna. I also fabricated a custom switch and stereo panel to mount under the dash. It came out really nice. The LCD panel is a voltage meter that I have tied into the 24v-12v converter, it's nice to keep tabs on the voltage and it looks cool.

    CB Compatible Antenna

    Thanks for all the help guys, very helpful information. The Those Military Guys kit is actually exactly what I was thinking about doing. I really like the look of the antenna mounted to the bed. Is this antenna still effective when it's bent over?

    CB Compatible Antenna

    Hello all. I purchased two CB radios for my M923A2 and M35a2, so my dad and I can communicate while we are on the road. I'm looking for the correct antenna mounts and actual antennas (if possible) to use with the radios. I would love to keep all military equipment, but if I can use a military...

    41st Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally & Militaria Flea Market @ Aberdeen, MD

    Is it worth taking the the trip down Saturday? I was thinking about grabbing my buddy and riding down in my M923a2. We can't take off work Thursday or Friday, leaving only Saturday. The last time I went down Saturday everyone was packing up.

    New Jersey April 26 and 27th, 2014 Military Vehicle Show and Swap Meet.

    My dad and I rode up to the show on Saturday and had a really good time. It's a beautiful area up that way. How do your MV's handle all those hills is what we were wondering? I think my 5 ton would be alright, but that has to be a struggle for a Deuce haha. We both bought a couple things for the...
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