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    Bump Cap

    I would say, not bad. There is a strip of padding inside, along the top that keeps a gap for air circulation, and there are a few vent holes. I just keep it in the seat to remind me to don it before entry. I have mine inside a camouflage "Reds" cap. It is not heavy and I don't "sweat" the heat...
  2. oifvet

    Bump Cap

    I added a link to the type I purchased. There are some that are already designed as a complete cap, but I have caps I like and went with the insert. They were less than $5.00 each, so I got a few...
  3. oifvet

    Bump Cap

    I've banged my head against things a few times and always learned from it. My dad always said, "If you hit someone in the head, they always get smarter. You either knocked something in, or knocked something out. Either way, they're better off." That said, I ordered a few baseball-cap style bump...
  4. oifvet

    M35A2C master cylinder failure?

    peashooter, I thought about that, but I was afraid that the diameter of that vent line was just too small. I suppose pressure is pressure, but if you have to move fluid, it might slow the process down. It wouldn't hurt to try. Also, my issue with the fading pedal was due to me installing the...
  5. oifvet

    Help with M35A2 cargo cover

    runk, Thank you! Ironically, I thanked you way back when you posted those pics, too! VERY helpful! Is that routing described in a TM anywhere that you (or anyone reading this) is aware? Also, can I do this with the cover OFF of the truck, or would it be easier ON the truck. I'm thinking...
  6. oifvet

    Help with M35A2 cargo cover

    A new one would be nice, but I'm just going to replace the super-rope (which I bought 100' of), and use the one I have... (As soon as I figure out the lacing process)!
  7. oifvet

    Help with M35A2 cargo cover

    I'm going to use this thread to hopefully get a little help in the same area... The M35A2 Cargo Cover. I have done a great deal of searching here, but it now it is time to ask... I want to replace the super-rope. It has dry-rotted and basically disintegrated. I have the rope, I just need a...
  8. oifvet

    M915A1 Repainted

    :ditto: However, I am actually a semi-purist, (pun intended).
  9. oifvet

    M35A2C master cylinder failure?

    The one thing that I do not understand (if the problem I/we are experiencing is internal bypass of some sort), why am I not getting fluid at the master cylinder boot? Or, somewhere like the air-pack? Even with fluid getting past these internal MC O-rings, pressure is still maintained unless...
  10. oifvet

    M35A2C master cylinder failure?

    AMDOOR, Thanks for the link! You read my mind! My pedal is s-l-o-w-l-y creeping to the floor with firm, steady pressure. Again, no leaks, drips, drops or anything like that. I bled the system twice until I was getting steady fresh (purple) DOT 5 during the bleed. It really feels like...
  11. oifvet

    Ham Radio Operators / Steel Soldiers

    It's on-going! [thumbzup] Welcome to the site. :-D There seems to be a good connection between the two hobbies. There are quite a few members here that enjoy both.
  12. oifvet

    Why no more trucks at WPAFB??

    I suppose I should be (humbly, selfishly) glad that I got my truck there when I did. Only 10 miles or so away. My first truck came from Colchester, VT, which was an 800 mile drive! The tides of GL ebb and flo. The truth might change as soon as tomorrow.
  13. oifvet

    Rod Ventilated Block in Deuce -NOT- Crank Broke

    Steve, I know there is much relief knowing that you got the truck home and you were not stranded or forced to have a tow company respond, (other than Gimpy's Towing :gimp:, motto: "Don't cuss, call us!" "Chris will cuss for us!" I sure hope it's repairable and simple. Keep us posted and...
  14. oifvet

    m35a3 Master Cylinder

    johnejones, I don't know if it will help, but review this thread. (It is the same master cylinder as the M35A3). Also, (not to hi-jack... PM if need-be). but can you remind me how that rubber boot goes back on...
  15. oifvet

    M35A2C master cylinder failure?

    One final question on this... I apparently did not pay attention to how the rubber boot came off of this set-up. The wide end is flapping/loose. I know the master cylinder bolts on metal-to-metal against the mount, but where does the wide end of the boot tuck in? When I try to slip it back...
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