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    M1009 Rebuilt IP problems

    I am having a similar problem, but, not cable related. Had a rebuilt IP installed over the summer, and my M1009 seemed to run ok other than than a slightly fast idle. This morning, the idle just got faster and faster, then, the engine shut off completely, and would not re-start. Am having it...
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    Replacement Fast/High Idle Solenoid?

    Just bought one off E-Bay Tom Lovinggood
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    Smoky start up

    Hello--I have a '86 M1009. After having a new injector pump installed last month, my Blazer runs great now--but, for some strange reason, I am getting a of smoke on start-up--more than before the pump had to be replace. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Is there an additive I can add...
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    Idle adjustment

    Just got my M1009 back today. Apparently, the idle needed some fine tuning, and the shop ran some fuel injector cleaner through it. It seems to run well now with the new injector pump installed. Many thanks to all that offered help. However, the "Wait" light is in- op. Maybe a fuse??
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    Idle adjustment

    Thanks to all in helping with the no-start situation. Yes, I did look at the TM's, but, it never hurts to get the opinion of others who are more experienced with these types of problems. After adjusting the idle screw only slightly, my CUCV still would not start, so I had it towed back to the...
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    Idle adjustment

    I just had a brand new injector pump installed on my M1009. I drove it home today, and the vehicle has never ran better, or smoother. But, when l would pull up to a stop, the motor would die. I thought if it were an easy adjustment to make to raise the idle speed, l would try that. If not, l...
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    Idle adjustment

    I need to increase the idle speed on my M1009. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks in advance. T Lovinggood.
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    Injection pump

    Cucvrs--many thanks for the info.
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    Injection pump

    Hello--can anyone suggest a source for the injection pump for the m1009? Thanks in advance. Tom Lovinggood
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    Been sitting, now won't start

    Hello--'68 CUCV Blazer in great shape. Has been sitting for three months. I went to start it this morning. Plenty of juice to turn motor over. Ran for about 15 seconds, then died, and would not start after that, even though the engine turned over. Have almost a full tank of gas. I am...
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    Un-deleting my CDR (Valve found thanks SteelSoldiers) looking for 1" Neoprene Tubing

    Zen--I was not aware of any problems with my existing CDR valve, but it was very dirty and covered with soot. Rather than trying to clean it, I thought it might be best to replace it, as it appears to be a very easy swap.
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    Un-deleting my CDR (Valve found thanks SteelSoldiers) looking for 1" Neoprene Tubing

    Zen--I have a new CDR vlave that I purchased off ebay. I am awaiting to install it, but just did not know what it was for, and if or when it needed to be replaced. Tom Lovinggood
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    Un-deleting my CDR (Valve found thanks SteelSoldiers) looking for 1" Neoprene Tubing

    What exactly does the CDR valve do? Does it need to be changed out periodically? Tom Lovinggood
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    1986 M1009 - tailgate window roll-up

    Tere are a few regulators for sale right now on e-bay. Look under the title CUCV. I bought one off e-bay and it has worked fine
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    Air Horn not fitting

    CUCVRUS--I don't think it is for the Hummer. It is a black cylindrical structure that fits into the opening of the air filter housing. I found it on Ebay. Tom Lovinggood
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