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    Trailer options? Will a M1008 on 37's tow a gooseneck.?

    How well does a M1008 tow a gooseneck.? With the NA 6.2L & 37's I do not expect modern-day performance or comfort. I understand the 37's may limit me on GVW but I'm mainly looking at limited use as the collector hobby allows. I am aiming for hauling other vintage GM C/K trucks, CUCV's, and...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Installed all (3) new soft lines on the M1008 brakes. Bled & topped off with DOT 3. Questioning why the brake fluid looked so clean and new, I soon realized my mistake ~ Dot 3 + Dot 5 mixup. Suck all of the now maple syrup looking fluid out of MC and follow TB 43-0002-87 for BFS ~ Dot 5...
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    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    Duramax Fuel Filter installed and up running. Line size @ filter is closer to 1/2 inch but fresh 3/8" line will stretch into place over the Duramax inlet & outlet. I do have the fuel heater wired up using new DIY weather pack connectors. I have not wired up the water separator yet as I wish...
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    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    Mounting bracket made. Stock location tested. Hunting down plugs for Duramax fuel heater and water indicator tomorrow. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
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    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    As cheap as the late model Duramax 04 - 13 filter assemblies have become @ $120-ish (Part # 12642623 With GM filter). I had to order one and give it a try. With factory Primer / Fuel heater / Water indicator / and slip on hose fittings (No Brass adapters necessary) it seems like a winner...
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    goldneagle's 1985 M1008 recovery and restoration thread...

    Red wire is connected to the ground side because that ground wire is connected to the positive side of the FORWARD battery. Connecting (2) 12v bateries in series for 24v = (1) pos to neg connection.
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    goldneagle's 1985 M1008 recovery and restoration thread...

    Liking the new body work... I can appreciate it. I spent 8 hrs working the bed sheet metal only no filler / no finish / no paint. Mainly working out the bed dents (fork lift dent pick up and carry dent left bed side / Rt Rear tail light fork lift dent from pushing in the bed corner to move...
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    goldneagle's 1985 M1008 recovery and restoration thread...

    Good work ~ Thanks for sharing the tach information. Your truck will be like new before too long. Restoring the shift indicator is next on my to do list. I'll be searching those TM's later this week. It looks like a complicated cable / pulley set up using the weak dash plastic a a mount...
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    New to me '86 M1008

    Congrats on the score ~ Let the fun begin! Love my stock 86 and put 6k on it as a commuter last year.
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    M1008 class 4 hitch install

    Thanks! I just ordered up the same Reese thru Amazon. Getting tired of dragging trailers with wifeys SUV. Hopefully my install goes as well. BTW I never knew theses trucks had a provision for a spare tire.
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    Soft Top anyone?

    Tint is nice until you got to perform night maneuvers, Then things get complicated. Often times the cloudy window syndrome is due to the cleaner used. Having had a Fleet of 5+ Samurai Jeeps for 20 yrs, the wrong cleaner, gas station window cleaner, or windex just one time and they will cloud...
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    700R4 Swap Into M1009

    Thanks guys! With all the talk of Input shaft spline count, I guess I was confusing them with the tail shaft spline count.
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    700R4 Swap Into M1009

    I'm actively working on gathering pieces for a 700R-4 swap. Punching in the numbers (RPM + Trans + T-case + Gear ratio + Tire Size) in this chart gives me all the details in an easy to read format where I can compare the different mods side by side.
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    zero rates and humvee tires

    I balance my tires internally using the chart from Equal. They make a great drop in powder balance for commercial vehicle applications. This style system rebalances with each start and stop. This is similar to using BB's or (Beanie Baby style) Bulk Nylon craft pellets. This will not help a...
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    Crank accessory pulley wobble

    My concern is can the wobble be considered failure? Trauma? Wear? If so what is the method of failure? What causes the change? I know most 80's and earlier V-8 chevy crank pulleys do not run true like today's cars but at what point do we call the 6.2L pulley bad?
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