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  1. Wisconsin allegedly cancelling Military vehicle titles.
  2. End of Surplus sales? Received the attached today.
  3. Politics and The Hobby...
  4. Mtg. w/ Wis. Sen. re: Pinz title cancellations
  5. Total destruction of all End-Use items (end of trucks???)
  6. Govt liquidation & hillary?
  7. Presidential Candidates Supporting MV Owners
  8. GL recalling
  9. Working my Representative on Demil B/Q items
  10. It is a shame.
  11. House keeping and thread locks..
  12. Iraq Veterans for Congress
  13. GL and SF97 issues
  14. Not MV Related
  15. Border Fence
  16. U.S.S. Kitty Hawk FS
  17. For Louisiana M/V owners
  18. The Next VP of the U.S. (picture)
  20. Call to all alabama members
  21. Christmas Poem
  22. Vehicle Scrappage Program
  23. Ohio vehicle code - HEY CRAIG!
  24. Georgia MV Bill...
  25. Public land use
  26. New selling site
  27. Wisconsin dot to propose mv ban
  28. Political Messages on your MV
  29. Is VJ Day dead?
  30. Another way to say Thank You to our military members
  31. Huntsville City Limits weight restrictions
  32. MVPA Personal Network Request
  33. Can you title/license ex-military vehicles in Minn?
  34. California Police Vehicle Weight Limit
  35. Wisconsin DOT bill proposal
  36. Law To Protect Wisconsin MVs Proposed
  37. A BETTER WisDOT proposal - Please Look!
  38. Kicked out of my own driveway!
  39. another MV threatened by code enforcement
  40. What happened to the thread about the Wisconsin public hearing on AB592?
  41. Wis DOT v. ex-military vehicles - AB-592
  42. NON-Wisconsin Registration & Use Information Wanted
  43. Historic EPA finding
  44. Road Closed
  45. Over before I got started..
  46. Neighbor issue's here in WV
  47. Seill looking
  48. Wisconsin Legislature Passes HMV Bill
  49. SC MV bill
  50. Wisconsin Passes SB-392
  51. Wisconsin MV titling NO PROBLEM!
  52. Maine now requires mufflers
  53. WisDOT renews efforts on TRANS-123
  54. Funding option? - Advice needed!!!
  55. Transporting kids and adults
  56. TRANS123 Public Hearing Sept. 22, 2010 Info
  57. Cry Baby Neighbors
  58. For those of you in California
  59. New Wisconsin HMV law in effect Oct 1st.
  60. Anybody have any problems in The Cincinnati/Tri-state area
  61. POLL: Are YOU a VOTER ? ? ?
  62. Vote
  63. Any Frisco, TX deuce 1/2 owners?
  64. New Progress on Wisconsin Ex-Military Vehciles
  65. City ordinance......What do you guys think?
  66. Overland Park Ks bans Mv's at home
  67. MV offroad use on Pine Barrens?
  68. Abrams in Egypt ?
  69. antique registration
  70. WI Trans 123 is DEAD
  71. WA State Collector Vehicle license HB 1933
  72. Wis. UNRESTRICTED USE for milvehs info
  73. My Experience W/ IFTA
  74. Broadway Title
  75. WisDOT on the warpath again!
  76. SC Antique Truck Law
  77. Weight classification on SC title
  78. Motor Carrier Inforcement in Michigan
  79. Most MV Friendly State(s)
  80. Pa licensing and titling WWII vehicle
  81. Kansas residents wanting change?
  82. Arkansas vs military vehicles
  83. Massachusetts registration & insurance
  84. New ADDICT in City Code Enforcement
  85. Minnesota MV laws
  86. Article on Military Vehicle Licensing Requirements
  87. M35A2 in residential neighborhood - Huntsville, AL
  88. Making a good FMV law....
  89. Arizona vs FMV
  90. Kevin Lockwood MVPA BoD candidate
  91. MVPA Ballot / voting
  92. $400 a gallon
  93. New EPA Regulations On Large Truck Emissions
  94. Missouri MV titling under attack and review
  95. Wisconsin New HMV Amendment Introduced
  96. 2012 Wis Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Act
  97. Maryland MV owners are in trouble
  98. Good News for Wisconcin HMV's
  99. FMV Plate Bill Introduced in Illinois
  100. Trouble in Iowa with titles
  101. We need a unified voice
  102. CMV/MV Regulations in Maryland - It's the law!
  103. Failed MD CDL Class B due to improper vehicle!
  104. Military equipment to LE suspended
  105. Medical "Study" on diesel exhaust
  106. Here we go again with the H.O.A
  107. NJ seeks to ban MV's in state forests
  108. Need some state MV registration laws
  109. GL & HUMMVe
  110. Not over in Wisconsin, group plans constitutional amendment on road funding
  111. Pinellas County, FL Code Enforcement
  112. Civil Lawsuit Regarding M109A3
  113. What's up with the 'political speech' ban on this site?
  114. Certified Mail from the County
  115. PA - Military vehicle registration....
  116. NC Members-House to consider MV plate
  117. Difficulties getting Illinois Title and Registration - Any Suggestions?
  118. Good Change Coming In Wisconsin
  119. DOT numbers in Washington state?
  120. EUC's
  121. Military Vehicle Accident in Wis.
  122. Legal Issues that could effect all MV Owners
  123. Insurance
  124. M274 salvage info wanted
  125. Green Truck Gasses
  126. Vets storm closed WWII Memorial
  127. Georgia Title Law Changes: Need assistance from GA and other States Members
  128. Military Transfer to Civilian, LEO, Other Nations, Scrap
  129. Are parts of the future MV hobby dying?
  130. Code Enforcement Threat
  131. Out of state mv's in Wisconsin
  132. Where do I look for the laws concerning this hobby?
  133. Why do some people hate military vehicles?
  134. Brand New MRAPS Being Scrapped - A Sad Day
  135. PAC to encourage M998 sales to public?
  136. New Michigan License Plate Law for MV's Passes
  137. Flat Rock Michigan
  138. Parking M923 in Glendale, AZ Residential Neighborhood
  139. Possibly No More Trucks from DLA
  140. Follow up on trucks being pulled from GL auctions
  141. GL truck sales stopped???
  142. Amazing! Ever notice how many threads are locked in this Forum?
  143. Army Base Closings, now to 2020
  144. Article: The End Of SURPLUS VEHICLE SALES by David Doyle
  145. EPA and DHS Coming for our trucks?
  146. The EPA/DLA stoppage and where we stand and what we should do
  147. EPA / Home Land Security Seizing Land Rovers
  148. Email from Texas Facilities Commission 081314
  149. "We the children" an observation about our civil liberties when collecting MV curios
  150. the man
  151. follow the money
  152. Information regarding FMV licensing in Utah; also chance of picking one up in Europe.
  153. Florida DMV Trip
  154. Hmmwv vs rat rod titling
  155. What is occasional personal use in WI?
  156. Am I the only one...
  157. delaware dmv "no more mv registrations"
  158. GA. registration by weight
  159. M923-A2 compresser /air pressure woe's
  160. NY and all others(?) change CDL Permit standards
  161. Heads Up Florida! New DMV definition coming!
  162. ATF Regulations: Importing FV 432
  163. BEWARE of Bank of America - now going after MV owners in wiring of money...
  164. EXPORTING a M911 Oshkosh
  165. Oshkosh M978 Certificate of destruction
  166. Won 6 M1030B1's at auction without a title need help
  167. No Thru Trucks signs
  168. Maryland military vehicle policy/legislation .... need input.
  169. Reselling a EUC item.
  170. Oregon Title issues-recent changes?
  171. Montana state hmmwv onroad ok
  172. Wisconsin MV LIFETIME License Plate Fee REDUCED To $5
  173. Trump plans to lift Obama-era ban on giving local police military equipment
  174. plate questions for Montana MV residents
  175. Idaho title change!!!!!
  176. Jury Trial - Code Enforcement
  177. Any MV drivers with a CDL near Portland, Or?
  178. Title issues in Arkansas with HMMWVs
  179. Maryland doesnt want me to own a Deuce!
  180. Bad Bill for Title Military Surplus Off Road Moves to Virginia Senate
  181. Oklahoma Bill Introduced to Create Titling for HUMVEES
  182. Hawaii Introduces Bill to Allow Military Vehicle Registration (including HMMWVs)
  183. Calling on all Michigan Historic Military Vehicle Owners
  184. Not good for California MV owners or buyers
  185. Louisiana - State Asking for NHTSA sticker for deuce titled and registered in 2009
  186. Wis. Half-Track Legislation
  187. Change in how South Dakota regulates Historical Vehicles
  188. What on the **** is happening to our rights to drive our trucks?
  189. Louisiana - State Flagging Existing Titles, and Registering New Vehicles as Off-Road
  190. LOUISIANA PROPOSED NEW LAW : HB 549 Provides for Military Surplus Motor Vehicles
  191. Way Ahead for Kansans to on road title MV stamped Off Road Use
  192. Alaska M939 Title Issues
  193. Title Help Needed in SC.
  194. Deuce T-22B inspection tips?
  195. Current list of Senate bills / House bills for HMMWV humvee for on road use
  196. HMMWV Bill in Washington State...Testimony help needed
  197. Brexit exports to the US
  198. PASSED/SIGNED: Texas MV Bill Moving thru Senate
  199. Colorado Bill SB19-054 RE: (Former) Military Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation
  200. NEVADA Senate Bill 356 RE: registration of certain retired military vehicles
  201. CUCV M1028 registration in CA
  202. 1000 reasons to keep military vehicles on the road - please add your comment
  203. TN Military Truck Non Display License Plate Law Eff 7/1/19
  204. LMTV registration in California. BUYERS BEWARE
  205. If you put a standard commercial truck cab on a military truck how is the VIN done
  206. Thoughts on the onslaught of State Laws that Pull us of the road
  207. MV illegal on highway in Canada (Quebec)
  208. What state law is the best for Former MV's?
  209. Government Encroachment - Court Opinion handed down
  210. Unusual sighting- Mercedes van with European plates
  211. Weather Mayhem is the time for leveraging the media to support MV use