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    I'm truck-less for now but I do have some know how if you ever need any help I'm near danville ky
  2. aaron379

    Looking for metallurgist info.

    Sorry to off track but did you replace your axel seals?
  3. aaron379

    Front main seal??? Bad Leak!!!

    The only specialty tool you really need is a pulley puller... the crank pulley can be rough to get off and if you do have to take it all apart check the key but do not try to pry it out of anything because the timing gear holds it on too
  4. aaron379

    Front main seal??? Bad Leak!!!

    If you do have to dig into it its not a hard job at all as long as you have the right tools
  5. aaron379

    Front main seal??? Bad Leak!!!

    the timing cover held the piece on the crank, everything was removed from the block out its no big deal to do though.... you do not have to drop the pan that gear id the oil pump, and the bare shaft is the crank there is also a gear that goes there too you have to pull it off to get the key out...
  6. aaron379

    Front main seal??? Bad Leak!!!

    Hope you don't find this....... First one is the broken balancer last is what its suppose to look like
  7. aaron379

    where to buy a deuce

    You can buy mine
  8. aaron379

    ?? Starting of in 2nd gear??

    I split mine, using big tires you could use low 2-3-4-5 High 4-5
  9. aaron379

    Run Away

    Get in and drive it.... it might be the last time you get to be for BOOM...... But ya I'm sure april fools huh?
  10. aaron379

    Hootchi Cootchi Trailer

    Agree.... I too thought the title was misleading after reading
  11. aaron379

    Oily stuff coming out of Air Tanks..

    humm...... well........ ok thats good to know. hahaha but thats pretty funny, if we never hear from you again after this we'll at least know what happened And not to taste the oily crap our trucks leak haha
  12. aaron379

    Oily stuff coming out of Air Tanks..

    Did you say you tasted it?
  13. aaron379

    Hootchi Cootchi Trailer

    Should have loaded 2-2-1 for tongue weight.... Basically it was picking the back end of your vehicle up!!!!!
  14. aaron379

    M35A2 and M818 Offroading

    Haha.... and now its finally fixed until it falls off again
  15. aaron379

    M35A2 and M818 Offroading

    What happened to the stack on the 818?
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