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    If the resister fails? does it kill the gauge itself? to the point of no fixing it? (the gauge). I'm guess you can't just replace resister and all be well again?
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    So I'm thinking out loud, Is there 24v coming in and the resister takes it to 12v?
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    Yes that hang up has happened, but this time no go, I watched it fall and not come back. Ordered the R8661 24v from ISS-PRO , need info on anyone using it? Vendor said one wire in one wire out with a 24v bulb, what is our bulb (24v or 12V) stock form? Had that apart a lot for dash access but...
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    I did just read where ISS-PRO R8661 may be used and are there cons? Light hook up etc.?
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    Hello its been a while since posting. 1008 PICKUP Today cold weather here in east Tn. Meter went to nothing, gen lights(both1and2) are functioning as should, off when excited! Sun is in my eyes so I can't see if the bulb is still working with lights on-It was last night, always checking that...
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    Anyone install A/C like this yet?

    Hey Joe, Just leave till the end, here is why, the kit comes with fill and vacuum ports that go in the hose ends, the ports to fill and vacuum will be in the way of your battery tray, get a different one, just like what they shipped but angled differently its a 180 degree and 120 degree I think...
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    Lets see your OD CUCV's

    Just a picture of my last winter clean up. This is Fall ROD RUN Pigeon Forge Tn. 2013
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    1008 Wheel Stud Size

    Hello, I'd like to bumped this tread. Has anyone installed a set of aluminum or after-market wheels to there 1008 pickup if so, did you add stud length to rotors, drums? I'm sure just going down to the parts store or looking on line will give me some results, thought maybe someone had approached...
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    1008 Wheel Stud Size

    tim292stro-Thanks and great info, I am in agreement with what was stated, but do you have after market wheels on a 1008 now?
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    1008 Wheel Stud Size

    If I had after market wheels, assume new wheel flange is thicker at the nut, what is correct approach? Change all studs? What is oem size(length)that's in the drums, rotors? Has anyone had this? Or, are guys just hoping a half of a nut works? Is there a new nut that addresses this; to buy as...
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    crank pulley wobbling

    lonewolf90, I'd like a part # for a new one if you go this route, mine is OK but I see it wobble as well, never have found a good source for a three-groove crank pulley? Thanks, hope all works out for you on this fix.
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    CUCV Stereo Install

    Similar set up here works great, three years now on this one, use daily. Mine is also under seat. Used number #6 wire brought in from battery under cab then in under seat , fused of course at battery with one of those nice stereo water tight deals. Also, each circuit is fused at the panel witch...
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    electric fan ?

    Electric Fan Took them out and saved them for another day if I ever go back , bought a stacked plate cooler, Installed the lines in a while back for the gauges. Kept idiot lights . New gauges have mechanical movement.
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    electric fan ?

    Did this ayear ago or so, used water pump port.
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    Brett09's M1008 build thread

    Post lot of pictures along the way
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