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    Fram fuel filter C1125PL not fitting MEP-002a

    Thanks for the info on the spring. Apparently (like the rest of the fuel system) it was so gummed up down there in the cup that the plate/spring was stuck in place. Had to get ugly with it, but it finally broke free. Now, onto the oil system!
  2. blacktop_one

    Fram fuel filter C1125PL not fitting MEP-002a

    Yep. removed the old o-ring and put the new one in. There's about 1/8-1/4" between the cup and housing. See the attached photos for the difference in filter sizes.
  3. blacktop_one

    Fram fuel filter C1125PL not fitting MEP-002a

    I ordered two Fram C1125PL fuel filters off of Amazon for my newly-acquired MEP-002A generators since that was the part number listed in the 002/003 wiki. Problem is, they are too long. I cannot get the filter housing cups to snug up to the housing. The filters that were in there are WIX 33511...
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    What I did with my M105A2 bed

    Kind of a low rider. I like it!
  5. blacktop_one

    Hella 500 sets and 500FF sets

    Thanks for the heads-up. Mine need replacing due to too many stone chips.
  6. blacktop_one

    Second Bi-Annual TX MV Rally

    Sign me up for an XL. Regular neck, please!
  7. blacktop_one

    Store Bought Batteries Installed- with Picture

    Looks like a nice, secure setup!
  8. blacktop_one

    Look what I found in my M101.

    The item in pic #3 looks like the door filler panel they use on Hummers when an ambulance or other service body is attached. Just a wild guess, though.
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    24 Volt Chrismas light string

    There are also battery-powered strings available that use AA-size batteries if you didn't want to go the DIY route or do the inverter thing - I think Hobby Lobby has them.
  10. blacktop_one

    Slight Mods (add on) to my M101a2

    Nicely done!
  11. blacktop_one

    recoved m1009 from NJ

    Congratulations on your new toy - looks like you got a good one!
  12. blacktop_one

    Second Bi-Annual TX MV Rally

    Here are some more pics:
  13. blacktop_one

    Second Bi-Annual TX MV Rally

    Marshall, I think there's just a flat fee for the weekend of $20 per member(?). Based on the cost to rent the whole park divided by the number who actually show up. The BVORR charges and camping charges don't apply, we've got the whole place reserved. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  14. blacktop_one

    My wc-53 is wrecked

    I applaud your restraint for not beating the snot out of the guy right there on the side of the road. I hope his insurance company does you right and then cancels his sorry butt.
  15. blacktop_one

    Deuce missing instrument panel

    It looks like rather than going to the effort to figure out which individual gauges are radioactive, they're just yanking all of them. Lazy!
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