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    I Bought a Mog

    So- reading this thread but no more updates or pics on the 4-door mods- :? please, we need an update and pics!
  2. dburt

    Odd starting behavior of S404.114 at zero degrees and below!

    What about an engine coolant heater that splices into the heater hoses or the radiator hoses? I have used these before on older gas engine tractors, and they work well. I don't know what the heater hoses are like on a 404, or the radiator hoses are like, but I would suspect that a person could...
  3. dburt

    Unimog 404 or Deuce?

    Any indicators that would show the clutch is about to go south? I have been looking at a '63 with 19K kilos on the clock. What do you look for? Hard to shift? Soft clutch pedal? The usual early warning signs of clutch issues, or are there other things to watch for?
  4. dburt

    No brakes M813

    Bummer! Any history on the truck so as make a half way guess as to what happened to cause that??
  5. dburt

    M923 just bought, wonder about mileage

    Actually that 'M35" on Craigslist in Boise is my 5-ton M813 w/w, I did have an M35 at one time, but that was a few years ago. Now if this whole deal of yours goes sour for some reason, please don't blame me for starting all this adventure you are having, I don't want your wife or other family...
  6. dburt

    Delivery of M923A2

    Occasionally an over-zealous GI mechanic would overfill an axle pumpkin with gear oil, and it forces it's way past the seals out at the end of the axles if the seals are old or compromised. Or the axle vent could be plugged and allowing pressure from heat due to driving to build up and force the...
  7. dburt

    m923a2 nonturbo?

    An original '923 w/w' as it is being refered to, was actually called a 925, at least that is what mine is called on the data plate.:wink:
  8. dburt

    No brakes M813

    Good question- we need wreckerman or some other helpful person to chime in on this!
  9. dburt

    Front Duallys on M925

    But the big question is, will the outer axle components like the hubs, knuckles, bearings etc handle the stress well? Sure would like to know how well the ones pictured in 11Echo's post above did with thier setup?
  10. dburt

    No brakes M813

    If the master cylinder is bone dry then there is a brake fluid leak somewhere. Fill it up, start bleeding the brakes and adding fluid till you find where the leak is. Remember, the 813 has air assist over the standard hyraulic braking system, so if the pedal goes all the way to the floor, there...
  11. dburt

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    JWes I like your front dually idea, I have a friend who is going to do that to his 923 just to see if it would work better getting around in the woods for logging and fire fighting in extreme conditions like mud, really rough terrain, etc. Only thing I have wondered about is the added strain and...
  12. dburt

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Always wanted to do a back porch on a special 'RV' every since a friend of mine put a huge fixed back porch on his '56 Ford school bus turned RV. It was so long his rear wheels ended up being in the middle of the rig. But he could back into a space in campground in the woods and have one end...
  13. dburt

    now this is a camper

    Looks to be about 16+ feet high- probably not going to be doing much travel on any public roads, but it sure looks good! That's what I call a mobil home!
  14. dburt

    925, 813w/w, and a USMC 8606

    I'd love to come to some rallies, but the cost of fuel has me sticking close to home! I do make it up to IdahoMotorPool's rally in June every year, but it's only 12 miles up the road from our Idaho property. Even going to that takes about 5 gallons of diesel to get there and back.:-(
  15. dburt

    batteries low

    Put a NATO Solorgizer solar panel and regulators on your truck to keep the batteries maintained. The whole set up for 24 v systems is about $100. Well worth it!
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