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    M38A1 cam gear -no timing marks!

    Help! In my haste to disassemble the engine on my '67 CDN2 M38A1 I didn't check to see if both gears had marks on them. Crank does but the fiber cam gear does not. Is there a way to determine the proper alignment by counting teeth from the centerline of the keyway, or some other little trick...
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    WWII Backpack Generator

    I picked up a world war two backpack generator over the weekend, GN-51-A, 300 watt A/C 120-240v powered by a 2 cycle Jacobsen engine, I know that this type is relatively common, so why can't I find any info on it? If anyone knows more about them, please let me know, manuals would be great, also...
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    carb and govenor question

    I started to rebuild the carb on my M37B1 this past week and have two questions. First, what is the paint that they are covered in, it strips off easy, but now I'm wondering if I should repaint it when I'm done, anyone have any ideas? Secondly, and more important, when I took the govenor...
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    WM-46/U Special Purpose Cable

    I was wondering if anyone has any of this special purpose cable from the GRC series radios. I have been unable to locate any online. Hopefully someone will have some that will be attending the Aberdeen show. Thank everyone. Please message me if you have any ideas. Paul
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    older generator magneto

    Same genset. The only manual I could find for it was the parts listing. As to the mag, I modified one of the later ones, milled a slot where the threaded mounting hole should be. It should work fine. The engine is a common Y69 Continental, so it shouldn't be too hard to get the engine...
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    Slave Cables

    Out of curiosity, does anyone have the two pin ends for sale, or know where to get them from. I am refering to the actual ends, not the two to one pin adapters. Thanks!
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    mep016a voltage regulator repair

    RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: mep016a voltage regulator repair I remember a while back someone posting about making your own. I can't see that the circuitry would be too complicated. Anyone ever try it? or know of someone who did?
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    MEP 018A worth rebuilding?

    I have a question for all of those wiser than me. I have an MEP 018A 10kw genset that has a burned out stator winding. The rest of the generator is in excellent shape, engine runs great, voltage regulator works, and it even has decent paint! However, I pulled the stator out and took it to...
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    M37 in movies and TV

    I went to go see "Hellboy 2" with my son last weekend(long story, don't ask!) and in the one scene that was supposed to take place in an army camp in the 50's you could see an M37 drive by in the background. I thought it was a nice touch.
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    solid state vibrator replacement

    Yup, that's it. I'll order a replacement on payday. Now how to disguise this purchase from my wife!
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    solid state vibrator replacement

    Here's the info off of the vibrator. I tried taking pics, but because it's round and shiny, they didn't turn out. As for a solid state replacement, the components would be too expensive, so if anyone has any stock ones, I would cefinitely be interested in purchasing. 24 volt 152 cps, type...
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    solid state vibrator replacement

    Thanks, Ill get a picture of it tomorow, and the numbers off of it. I was just assuming it might be easier to try and replicate it with maybe a 555 timer circuit than to find originals. Glad to know they are still out there.
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    rt/524 conversion

    Kevin, glad you got that finished. I remember seeing it last year when I came to get the generator. Hope you had a great time at Aberdeen. I felt terrible all weekend for not going, but the gas prices are killing me!
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    solid state vibrator replacement

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a simple circuit that would replace the 24 volt vibrator in the GRC family of radios. I tried finding a schematic through a google search and got really discouraged. You'd think something as simple as a transformer driver would be easy to find the plans for...
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    Cold Start Aid

    here are some links to pics I took of it tonight
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