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    What to do with generator wires 568a and 2a

    I converted my humvee to a 1 wire 24v alternator and have 2 wires that im not sure what to do with. Everything has been working great for the past few months except the windshield wipers. They dont work at all and havent since the conversion. Worked great prior. The two wires that were...
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    Bought a 1992 M998

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    Tilt steering wheel

    Putting this out for those who don't know. I was looking around under my dash of my 88 m998 and noticed the steering wheel has a tilt adjustment. Just need a 9/16 wrench and a few turns. I've drove mine 1200 miles in 6 months and just figured this out.
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    I am about to install a 5.3 gas burner

    Please post your progress. I have a 5.3l on a stand in the garage and have thought if the 6.2l takes a dive would the 5.3l be a viable option. Fortunately my 6.2l is running great. LS series of engines are a fantastic motors.
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    New runflat design?

    I'm not sure about the weight. I would guess the runflat portion weighs 20 lbs. The guy I bought the rims from had a couple tire shop guys remove the rims/runflats from the tires which he kept. After they figured out the first one the others came out very easy.
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    New runflat design?

    Paired rims.
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    New runflat design?

    I had posted one picture of these run flats in a prior post on 12bolt vs 24bolt rims. I thought I'd post a new topic with some additional pictures. No real questions just an fyI on a runflat I hadn't seen. Came with 24 bolt rims. I mocked them up on my old 12 bolt rims.
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    12bolt run flats with 24bolt rims

    Forgot to mention there are two snowmobile drive belt looking deals on either side of the runflat that act as a bead lock.
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    12bolt run flats with 24bolt rims

    I watched them dismount some new mtr tires from them. Must be the most current version runflats. As mentioned mfg date is 6/2015. Rims had never been mounted on a rig and tires were new. Seller wanted the tires for his 1/2 ton chevy. Had no use for the rims.
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    12bolt run flats with 24bolt rims

    I just picked up some 24 bolt rims and inserts. My plan was to leave my current 12 bolt rim inserts in the tires and swap the rims. Will this work. My new inserts are 3 piece aluminum inserts. Mfg 6/2015. I looked around a little bit on the web and didn't see any pictures of them. I...
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    I welded a couple bolts to the top lip of the bumper.
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Installed 2" body lift. Mounted a Hi Lift Jack on the bumper. Fabbed up a lightbar for my ebay led lightbar. Really happy with all of it.
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    4 Man Cargo Cover

    I have an 1988 4 door that came with the cargo cover bows but no cover. I've found them on ebay and elsewhere. Are they all interchange?
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    WD40 paint refresh

    Still looking good.
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