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    Starting and Shutting down a T34-85 - Need advice

    Yes. With engine off, pushed clutch in, and dragged tank backwards slowly, then dropped clutch, and it popped out of gear. Use hand throttle when starting engine, and when setting idle. Pulling hand throttle all the way back shuts off engine.
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    Any interest in a 1-day get together in DFW?

    I'm game., if the timing is right, I can also offer a good place to gather....might even have a few "unusual toys" available if the weather cooperates (Sherman, Stuart, M8 greyhound, halftrack, etc) i want to meet fuzzytoaster as he might have some parts I need in the future!
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    Starting and Shutting down a T34-85 - Need advice

    I need to move the T-34 next week, and its been quite a while since I last drove it (by quite a while, I mean years). Need some help/advice. Starting: 1) Batteries are good and connected. 2) Main power switch on passenger side is engaged. 3) Pre-oiler is run. 4) Hand pumped pressure to fuel...
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    Univis 47 - Oil for Oilgear Turret Traverse on Sherman Tank - Question

    Thanks ReoRider for the info. I had phoned the Mobil "experts" line to find out what they could tell me about Univis 47, since they currently market a range of oils called Univis. The guy on the line had never heard of Univis 47, but knew all about Univis N32, N46 and N68, and so he said he...
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    Univis 47 - Oil for Oilgear Turret Traverse on Sherman Tank - Question

    Will be doing an overhaul on the Sherman tank turret traversing system this winter, and the manual for the Oilgear system specifies the use of "Oil, Hydraulic, Univis 47". Anyone know what the spec is for this Univis 47, and the name of a modern equivalent? I will need about 1 gallon. Thanks...
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    Good tank news for NE

    But it will be. The news article by Martha Mendoza, AP National Writer has the following statement: "Foundation director Rob Collings said the organization hopes to raise $10 million to build the museum by auctioning 160 of the military vehicles in August 2014. Eventually he hopes visitors...
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    Dallas, OKC and return

    Warthog. PM sent.
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    Dallas, OKC and return

    If you have time whilst in the Dallas area drop by and see us in Addison (North Dallas, about 3 miles east of I-35E). Its about time for a maintenance run in the Sherman tank, and I dont know if Elmo and Ellie Mae have any Sherman tank time yet! (drop me a PM if interested). r
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    Va Beach to Dallas, Tx

    Welcome home Ben.
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    Join my North Texas Military Vehicle Collector Club PLEASE!!

    Combatmech......Benabago was moved this weekend. Driven around the corner and parked behind the JK hanger. Not sure who moved it, but they needed the parking space for the weekend event. SO 2 stone. (Actually I dont think they trusted my tank driving close to your vehicle...or were...
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    MV addiction bites again. Another tank.

    Marc, I am definately "all ears" on any info from Frank or Dave, and I am also extremely grateful for them sharing their experience. :D
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    Warbirds On Parade - Sept 1st in Lancaster. Tx

    Glenn, Since I wrote that note, someone borrowed the DUKW for a 4th July parade. We all thought it was an official parade, but it appears it was more of a party, and we are not sure if he then lent it to someone else or just managed to trash everything by bad driving. :x The clutch is now...
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    Russian T34 Tank. Rubber track pads?

    Frank and Dave, Is the track you currently have on the T34 made up of 2 different types of section, with one type of section larger than the other, and the smaller one has a hole at either end to allow for bolting on the ice cleat? The way it is currently set up, with enough bolt on ice...
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    Russian T34 Tank. Rubber track pads?

    And the chevron track on the M88 looks just like the track on the Sherman:smile:. I have a spare set in the workshop, but they aren't in much better condition that the set already on the tank. I dont have a full 166 sections that I will need to do the much needed track change on the Sherman. I...
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    MV addiction bites again. Another tank.

    Frank, Do you use all the fuel tanks, or just the two "connected" rear ones, and for continuous engine running do you have to pressurise the fuel tanks with the drivers hand pump? From left to right, what is the order of the 4 driver gauges immediately in front of the driver? My order does...
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