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    Best method to remove the Steering Knuckle Arm from the Knuckle?

    Yea i dont remove the arm either when doing ball joints. I think it might depend on what ball joint press you have. I use a old Kent Moore that was my granddads and it works fine with the arm on the knuckle.

    Best method to remove the Steering Knuckle Arm from the Knuckle?

    Those steering arms are never fun. I use about a 8 lb sledge hammer and hammer down and up on the far end. Liberal applications of Kroil or PB Blaster. Repeat. Once you see one start to loosen, i get a punch in the crack of the cone and try to turn it. I saw one mechanic weld nuts to the studs...

    CANCELED: SS/MVPA Rally at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

    Hi Chris! I have been to AOAA many times and also raced my 69 Chevy Blazer there at the Ultra4 event last April. I could possibly help out with trail guide duty's.

    Skyjacker 4" Lift Kit - differences between offered shock

    The Hydro type shocks are the cheapie in the shock world. I always go with the gas (nitro) shocks. Like cucvmule said check sway bar bushings, and tire pressure. Some tires have thin sidewall plies and do not corner well. Worn spring and shackle bushings can make it feel loose also.

    R.I.P.--ATANKERSDAD--Dudley Taylor

    I am so sorry to hear about Dudley! This was news to me and i feel terrible that i didn't get to see him one last time. I would have been there guaranteed! The first time i met Duds and his sons, Matt and Shaun, was at Davids funeral. He invited me in his home like he knew me for years. That is...

    Appels annual Md/Pa shootout,cookout,swap meet, gathering..

    Well it looks like another same ol, same ol, F-in BLAST!!! Next year I have to make it. Hopefully i am still king of the wing....or did i get demoted.

    Appels annual Md/Pa shootout,cookout,swap meet, gathering..

    Hey John, Just checkin in. I got the call from Dudds tonight. Gonna try to make it. Are we gonna shoot a Ford this time?

    New From PA

    Welcome from S.E. Pennsylvania. I dont think thats a M36A1. Do you have more MV's?

    I messed up...Possible to retap the knuckle on my front axle?

    The thread isn't tapered, the ID of the sleeve and the OD of the ball joint stud is. If there is thread left, I would try and chase it with a tap. If not, looks like its time for a axle swap. And I agree, the TM's are very useful, and for this job a civi repair manual would even work.
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    Appels Md/Pa SS fall gathering.

    I stand corrected. Its a 1971.....Well it was a 1971.:-(
  11. OLDCHEV4X4

    Appels Md/Pa SS fall gathering.

    Oh No! A 72 Monty Carlo!.....Was it a SS with a big block too? And it had rally's on it? Im gettin the shakes..
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    new guy from pa

    Welcome from S.E. Pennsylvania.
  13. OLDCHEV4X4

    Appels Md/Pa SS fall gathering.

    Im gonna miss it.:(
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    Czech army kitchen trailer

    I saw one very similar to this at the 'Battle of the Bulge' reenactment at Fort Indian Town Gap. It was German and they have used it the past couple years I have been there. One of the young German soldiers was complaining about having to clean it.
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