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    Show us your Military Trailers

    Thanks for the compliments. I spent a little over 5 months in restoring the trailer. It took me four years to restore the M38. BTH, "pvtjorge" or "private jorge" is my pet Shih Tzu's handle. He is camera shy and I don't have a good photo of him to post yet. I'm Cacti_Ken on other sites. Ken
  2. pvtjorge

    Show us your Military Trailers

    Maybe this will work.
  3. pvtjorge

    Show us your Military Trailers

    I think I need to go back and review how to post photos whith out having to click on a link.
  4. pvtjorge

    Off Roading in Colorado

    I appreciate that info. My truck is a 2008 GMC Sierra crewcab with 20inch tires and a Stabilitrak system. I agree, in steep off road terrain one needs a low range transfer case. I just told the wife I'm trading for a 4x4 drive. Ha!, we'll see. I may just have to stick to paved roads and visit...
  5. pvtjorge

    Off Roading in Colorado

    Has anyone traveled the Medano Pass Primative Road at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado to Highway 69 in late September in a two wheel drive truck? I don't want to have to haul my M38 that far from S.E. Texas. I am traveling to Denver for a veterans reunion and want to do some off road...
  6. pvtjorge

    Looks like I failed...

    Don't quite get your asking someone else to supply a Duece when you have one.... Never mind I see you are in NY/VT... too far to go.
  7. pvtjorge

    The "HOOD IN THE FACE" club

    It happened to me in a Datsun pickup about 25yrs ago doing 25mph as I was entering a county road to pickup speed. Bam! Failure to latch hood properly.
  8. pvtjorge

    Has anyone had a fender bender?

    I was just thinking today about a mini camcorder windshield mount for my M38. Thanks for the post it got me to searching for one. Just need to figure out which one will work.
  9. pvtjorge

    Gulf Coast Vietnam Veterans Salute Parade

    Anyone going to this March 31st? Same weekend of the Dixie Division Gulf Coast MV Show.
  10. pvtjorge

    Arkansas River Valley Fun Run 5 May

    will probably see you there.
  11. pvtjorge

    Is This A Funny Pict - Yes or No

    Reply to the chopper landing: It probably didn't take over 10 minutes to swoop in make a purchase and take off. It was time for a break. On another note, one of them might have had to take a emergency nature break.
  12. pvtjorge

    The Military is starting to scare me...

    I was wondering when someone was going to mention hydrogen gas present.
  13. pvtjorge

    How to post pictures - a tutorial

    Last time I tried to post a photo, the photo did not make it, only the URL address come up. so I am trying to do it again here. Well it worked, I was doing something wrong. Thanks for posting the tuorial
  14. pvtjorge

    Lighted Christmas Parade

    I intended to link two different photos but I put the same one in twice, it's changed now. I noticed that when I take a photo of the lights in the dark with flash on, it comes out messed up. So I tried the Red Eye mode with the flash and it came out better.
  15. pvtjorge

    Lighted Christmas Parade

    At staging area this evening. From the time we got rolling at the start to the end was an hour and 15 minutes. Too busy throwing candy to take any pics of the crowd
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