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    Manual Lockup Converter?

    Oh, I'd like to add that a lot of times I'm in low range after maybe going farm to farm and slowing down. So I know the transfer case reduction isn't helping but when it shifts down it can be pretty jarring. Sometimes I can catch it with a rev and smooth it out, but if the converter would be...
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    Manual Lockup Converter?

    MtnSnow, Interesting...I never took notice to that. Thanks! Tom, I'll lube up the cables. I know it shifts smoother once warmed up, but I still think it would be nice to have to added control. This is a little different, but on my car, it uses the overdrive to split gears and will engage the...
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    Manual Lockup Converter?

    Is it possible to put a switch or manually control converter lock up in these transmissions? I think part of the reason these trucks start having flywheel breakage issues is because of locked converter ESPECIALLY on the down shifts. I know mine can be a bit jarring on downshift now and then...
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    20k winch questions Help

    Do you mean the band brake on the worm gear, is that the back brake?
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    mt654cr transmission shifting charateristics and tendencies discussion

    Deleted. Starting new thread.
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    Anyone have any info on this Wheel?

    Yes, the 'A3 wheels are for the MPT type tire, not the 395's, 1400's, 1600's, etc. MPT's have a shallower bead height. Yes, and the 'A3 wheels are six lug.
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    NewStar PTO Install Tips!

    Oh, pump mount plate is 3/8". Longer grade 8 bolts were used to secure it to Allison replacing grade 8 originals.
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    NewStar PTO Install Tips!

    Installed a shiny new PTO on 'Bruiser' (931A2) this weekend. Let me help you...this was not fun but I have some tips that will help anyone else on their install. It is a tight fit, really tight. I've heard of people pulling/dropping the transmission to install PTO's on these trucks and I just...
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    Broken Rockwell Axle

    You have to learn how to drive with Detroit's (or Grizzly's). Driving normal with cause some interesting things to happen and most likely a bunch of pop's and bang's or a good solid bang felt through the chassis. When approaching a turn, like a hard right from one street to the next, lift and...
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    M923A2 Doing 80 MPH!!

    The M939 series is a comfortable truck to drive compared to the deuces or 800 series. 50mph is easy, and feels like you're loafing along. It's big, drives well, and oozes confidence which is good if you're in touch with driving well and knowing what you have...bad if you got it and think it's...
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    Fabricated and installed exhaust brake, ramps and hitch M923A2

    I gotta look for something like that. Very nice addition and picture #7 (right click, save as!) :)
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    M923A2 transfer case shifting problems...

    Huh, uh...yep. I only saw the air down part. Don't mind me, I'm dumb. Ask around. People want to also keep an eye on the shift rail that is pulled out of the transfer case for low range. If left out it can lose it's oil film. Nobody want's that part to rust so be sure to cycle it back in...
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    M923A2 transfer case shifting problems...

    Sorry to revive month old thread. On my 931A2 I've noticed that if it is possible to have able to roll slightly like on a small grade, it's shifts much easier. Just enough to barely spin the gears and it clicks right take foot off brake, roll a foot or two, then click right in. Did...
  14. spicergear

    M923A2 Doing 80 MPH!!

    The M939 series is so much more comfortable a drive/ride than the 800 series or the deuce trucks that it's easy to roll with them. I know I was surprised and pleased. 80mph though...geeze. aua
  15. spicergear

    Adding PTO to 923A2

    Daytodog: What ratio did you go with for the PTO? My supplier tells me there's four ratios--
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