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    Wrecker wishlist of mods

    My m62gasserl is stored dry .but i have free access to unleaded fuel " with some diesel added in" know they fill wrong at the gas stations.. Any recommendations about using this stuff? Sent fra min SM-G935F via Tapatalk

    weasel in the deep

    winter is coming ... and the weasel will rest in peace...still. So far i`m very satisfied with all concerns from you all! This weekend i will prepare for winter, try to get trailers inside the barn , or under. Tidy up the yard. perhaps move my M62 with trailer a little , small adjustments...

    weasel in the deep

    in short : grandpa had a bus company since the 30ies,did it well, bought top quality buses all until outbreak of ww2,this particular bus Brand new, were used in some transport away from oslo the day before the germans took after the norwegian king ,his family and the norwegian govt.10 04.40...

    weasel in the deep

    and if this aint enough........ if this 32 mtrs.recovery is handled smoooooooth.......,there is a Mercedes Benz passenger bus 1940 model waiting in the Lake Mjosa...... at a couple of hundreds meters deep.

    weasel in the deep

    thank you very much for all your attention! staurheim here.... of course i wont overrush anything! the weasel is safe in the deep,and one day i will take a look at it through a scuba mask ,30 mtrs is within reach ,but i will need to have my rotten dry suit diving gear

    weasel in the deep

    i must point out that the former owner will most likely be participating in any of future recoveries....

    weasel in the deep

    Maybe its no rush . 15 years 16, 17, family situation (wife and 3 kids 13,11,6)tells me its not quite the right time yet.

    weasel in the deep

    I got it from the former driver/owner,paid him 2 dollars and now i own a weasel safely at 32 meters deep.It was a clean working machine when breaking through the ice one winter 15 years a far away small lake....perhaps deep in mud . So now i ask you all for advice, where to tie the...

    Pulling 2x2s out of stake pockets

    how about drilling a hole for a grease nipple and grease it out hydraulically?

    i found this 1944 White White Brockway.

    :-P hey i was the one who put this Brockway thread to life..... and somehow i will make the owner join us here.!!!!!...and it is definitely not melted to toasters!!!! regards , STAURHEIM

    i found this 1944 White White Brockway.

    it s being restored by the owner! one day he will go to beltring with it but please send old pics and info to this thread

    Roadtrip to IKEA

    trailer hooked up! and ready for shopping

    Wrecker Owners, Stand up and be Recognized!

    M62 in Norway(ex .danish army)......what kind of trailer will fit?any suggestions? some flat bed 8-wheeler? i already have an old 4 wheel powerplant trailer for camping purposes.....

    1800 miles, no license plates, half a pack of smokes...

    no smokes though but 15 miles trip home in a neverbeforedrivenmaybewithoutbrakesanddefinitelywithoutliceenceplatesandmuffler M62 felt darn good too.The tyres got rounder and rounder ,the brakes showed up and i felt like i emptied the gas station that night(at least my bank account). Such a joy...
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