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    leaking axle seal repair

    Thanks Peashooter, I should have started at Amazon.
  2. WyoDeuce

    leaking axle seal repair

    DO NOT BUY THIS SOCKET FROM S&J DISCOUNT TOOLS. I followed the link, bought a socket and got ripped off. The company seems legit but after 8 days with no shipping info and no product I tried to call. Guess what? NO PHONE NUMBER!!!! They only receive e-mail and won't call back. Now I have...
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    Winches for loading

    Good call on the newer cheaper series of winches. I have a Ramsey LP10,000 for my pickup. $400 delivered to my house from amazon of all places. There is an entry level winch from just about every manufacturer. They might not have all the bells and whistles but they are fine for most of us...
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    Winches for loading

    The trucker I use frequently has a PTO winch on the back of his semi. Super sweet! We have the most trouble with a3's with flat tires. If you can't get the tires aired up they are allmost impossible to steer on or off the trailer. I think that a truck with some flat tires would be allmost...
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    Is there a SS member near Laramie Wyoming....?

    Good luck on the road trip, hope it works out. 1000 miles give or take. Thats a long time in a deuce, especially in the summer. Post the pics for us.
  6. WyoDeuce

    Is there a SS member near Laramie Wyoming....?

    I am in Laramie and should be able to help you out. Let me know your plans and I'll have the truck ready to drive. Thats a long road trip in a deuce, good luck. Send me a PM.
  7. WyoDeuce

    keep the 6.2 or go 454?

    Depends on if you are driving daily, towing or off roading. The diesel will suck off road in my opinion due to its narrow rpm range. Diesel fans will disagree but I like a gasser in a hardcore 4x4. A stock used 454 is real common and is only worth $500 at best. The D60 front end in your...
  8. WyoDeuce

    Buying a M35A2 or M35A3?

    I have both the a2 and a3. I would disregard most of the comments made by people who do not have experience with both trucks. I love my a2 and will allways keep it. It is the classic millitary vehicle in every way. It has the right look, it is a manual and I love to drive it. That said the...
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    Deuce Battries

    Buy the wall-mart ones. $77 each. I put them in deuces all the time and have had them in mine for 3 years. They start fine in even the coldest weather. ( I started at -39 this past winter here in Wyoming) Buy a pack of el-cheapo ratchet straps while you are at it. Use 1 strap to wrap...
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    a2 and a3 in snow

    The chains make a huge difference. When it is fresh snow you can go through 2-3 feet just fine. Drifted hardpack is where you see the real difference between the a2 and a3. Once the axle is pushing snow the a3 is noticeably better. I used the CTIS on an a3 last night in the snow. I went and...
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    a2 and a3 in snow

    So I was out playing in the snow with Bobski today. The a3 does better in the snow. It's the tires for sure but the auto tranny seems to help keep from spinning tires and lets you creep uphill better. I have a set of DHT traction tt's on the front of my m35a2ww and they are better than the...
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    M35A3 Finally got mine!

    The ctis system is sweet. When you go to a lower tire pressure the adjustment will happen within a few seconds. When you air up it takes a while. Works better if you are driving around and not just idling. The setting will flash until it has reached the desired air pressure. ("cross cntry"...
  13. WyoDeuce

    one good load of wood

    What's up bobski. I think we put about 3 cords in on that trip. It has started snowing here so hopefully we cut enough. Taking a log splitter along is a good idea. We cut all the wood to length but need to split it now. Time to drink beer and chop wood.
  14. WyoDeuce

    Where do you source your parts?

    Napa, Boyce, c&c equipment.
  15. WyoDeuce

    Guys I won my first GL 818

    I like that alot. Do you have a pic of the whole truck?
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