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    LMTV-FMTV-MRAP axle info and 5T rockwell comparison

    Hey guys let me start by saying this is a bench racing/ future build type of thread that I have been thinking about. I wanted to get bit of info on the axles listed and what differences to look out for, I have seen ton of contradicting info on net and wanted to try and get some clear info from...
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    Anyone in md/pa/va area picking up from Fort Bragg NC with extra room?

    I was bidding on few lots but ended up only getting 4 hummer tires off rims. I was thinking before I run down and back for them alone if someone else was already planning a pickup from there and had room for them I could chip in few bucks towards your fuel and meet up to grab them from you.
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    816 Jakes and Turbo !!!!

    Thats the question I have had about the dual line mod, if it splits the flow evenly I wonder if the pressure drops and thats why you need more shimming to get your rpm back. In theory if 2 gave you 100-150 RPM ( I dont think you meant 1000-1500) you would need what 3 more for a total of 6? I'm...
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    M923A2 Doing 80 MPH!!

    Thats odd, I lived in Wilmington OH years ago and remember posted speed limits on just about every rd but I may be mis-remembering.
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    M923A2 Doing 80 MPH!!

    Didnt know that, around here there are a few sections of interstate that have a lane just for rigs/trucks and have their own speed limit but it is only small sections (hilly area or a rather tight turn etc). Same way a few areas have "no trucks left lane" sections but again they usually provide...
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    816 Jakes and Turbo !!!!

    I would think either de-fueling is an issue or maybe fuel supply is restricted pre pump, now that you have the dual lines and the turbo the stock supply line might be partially restricted and where the stock motor could live with it you may be requiring more fuel then can pass through now. I...
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    M923A2 Doing 80 MPH!!

    If you think doing 50-55mph in a 65 or 70mph speed zone is being responsible your mistaken, at 15-20mph under the speed limit what you would be is a hazard. I have run farm equipment on rds for a fairly long trip and I have to say it makes me nervous with people running up on you with that type...
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    M923A2 Doing 80 MPH!!

    I had a m923 A0 that I bobbed and added 16.00r20 XZL's on FMTV wheels, bobbing the truck really made it easier to get up to speed in all traffic conditions and the 16.00's were just to raise the speed and looks. I really wanted to get a set of 5.81 gears and run the goodyear MVT's that are rated...
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    M923A2 Doing 80 MPH!!

    Not to stir the pot but if you were doing 10mph faster he may not have had to swerve violently trying to miss your large,heavy difficult to see vehicle (your words) that you so proudly drive below the posted speed limit in the first place. I'm sure he was going faster than 70 (your stated speed...
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    goldneagle's M923 plus M109 Camper hybrid mod thread...

    you do realize this thread hasnt been commented on for almost a year and he has like 5 of these trucks right? I understand safety but this is a bit late to be of any help to him if he did need it, and Yes you need to cage the brakes before working on the canisters, on these trucks they actually...
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    Allison M916 + Mk48 Cab = 6x6 "FEMTT"

    Out of curiosity what would you say the offroad capabilities are like with the FEMTT vs your signature rig the M920? I know the FEMTT has the tire and low CG as an advantage but it seems your M920 was no slouch offroad even with the civi tires.
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    395's on stock 5 ton rims

    No I actually ended up getting a set of the 16.00's and fmtv wheels so I never did try. I have seen around 10 deuces with the 395's on their stock rims and I believe the stock 5 ton rims are about an inch wider than the deuce's so I think it is do-able as everyone else has said its just a...
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    goldneagle's M923 recovery and modification thread

    Very nice mod, I personally love those tires and they are a good size for the M939's.
  14. 350TacoZilla

    NHC 250 head gasket problems...

    ^ X2, always good to hear that the project went well (even if it was the 2nd attempt).
  15. 350TacoZilla

    Looking for seat upgrade & replacement ideas.

    Dodge ram 98-02 quad cab front seats have the shoulder belt made into the seat itself, you could use 2 driver sections and a pass or vise versa. I had looked into these since big rig junk yards are kinda few and far between it seems.(or atleast I cant find them)
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