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    Starter just doesn't sound right

    you could be missing a couple teeth on the fly wheel, mine is and if it lines up right there's no go. You have to lye underneath and turn the engine a bit by hand and try it again.
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    I hate to return with bad news

    hard at work, bought a house, painted the truck...
  3. 4bogginchevys

    I hate to return with bad news

    The 1008 broke down in the woods....just made it home (towed). I've been searching for 20 minutes or so for the starter rebuild kit part #. Found lots of talk about it!.......just no #. Even better than the number would be a link. My patience is wearing thin! It's been a long day and maybe I...
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    New 6.2 power plant

    Ford just introduced a 6.2 engine for thier 1 ton, a diesel I think. I know it's nothing like our 6.2's but I laughed anyway. Been a while since I posted so a good excuse.:beer:
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    Decisions on M1008

    before you go making big changes in the electrical engineering of the truck you should probably fix it in it's current condition.....I didn't read the link you posted but I cant think of any good reason to convert to 12v because of a simple alt issue.....2cents Edit: I read the link. Can you...
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    rear drive shat forward u-joint question

    it's inner clip style
  7. 4bogginchevys

    Lifting Issues with a 1008...

    A transfercase drop will make the front shaft angle worse.....ask me how many front shafts got ruined at the CV before I took the drop out and put it back to stock.aua Most lifts up to 4" dont need driveline mods, if your going bigger than that I would use hovenga's idea. BTW: a tranfer...
  8. 4bogginchevys

    Lift Help Please

    Get your money back, and try someone other than pro comp. They have had to warranty way too many parts for me already, try rancho/super lift/anyone else......2cents
  9. 4bogginchevys

    To Rebuild or not to Rebuild TH400

    Ridiculous, Here I can buy a HD 400 for 700 w/ could fly here, pick one off the shelf, take it to UPS, and fly home for cheaper than than some of those quotes! I'd say e-bay. Shipping is only 100.00 from just about anywhere within the continent. Good luck
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    shackle hitting frame

    As soon as I get more time i'll stop by and have them do another search, in person is the only way to get a parts monkey to do a "good" search. I already threw away the packaging to mine....If someone beats me to it, you have to tell them it's a 1/2 ton, turns out just about anything for a K30...
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    Hauling stories

    Today I made a few dump runs for the company I work for, all very wet wood, lucky I got to use a dump trailer. The scales topped out at 16,200 all things considered, and it had more to give. All loads were over 15,500. Truck handled it very well, I was impressed at how well it stopped, and after...
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    shackle hitting frame

    autozone sells an energy suspension/bushing kit for all of the frame/spring bushings you are talking about....38.00, mine had to order it. good luck
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    tires again

    you can get a 14 bolt with 3.07s, rare but they exist. Crossover steering usually requires a minimum of a 6" lift, but you could probably figure it out with a 4" lift and a custom block to raise the steering arm. good luck
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    Chasing turn signal/brake light problem...

    I had almost the same thing happen on my truck, the ground inside the drivers side rear lens cover was diconnected, replaced with new wire and end, works perfect. I chased this for a week until I finally removed all the lenses and pulled on all the looms through the holes covered by the lenses...
  15. 4bogginchevys

    Sudden low oil pressure

    shavings, as long as thier very small, are very common.....ever cut open your used oil filter??;) Edit: most newer chevys have a magnet on the drain plug, i've changed oil on hundreds of chevy's and 99.9% of them had shavings on the magnet at every oil change.
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