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    6.2 valve cover issues

    When it comes to valve covers don't use gaskets, instead use a good quality RTV and they will never leak again. I do this to every valve covers I come across and never have to worry about them leaking ever. :beer:
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    Something binding up

    Does this happen when you are on the asphalt? If so you should not be in four wheel drive at all, it will cause your drive train to bind because the truck is putting traction on all wheels.
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    New here from germany

    Welcome to SS from across the Atlantic.
  4. blitzengine


    Welcome to SS from Georgia.
  5. blitzengine

    New Member in GA

    Welcome to SS from Valdosta Georgia.
  6. blitzengine

    alum rad in 1009

  7. blitzengine

    New here from central KS

    That's cool as for me and the wife we are just passing trough Georgia(stationed here), in two years or less we will be moving back to Hutch.[thumbzup] Here on SS you will find a lot of knowlege and good people here. :beer:
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    New here from central KS

    Welcome to SS from Georgia. :beer:
  9. blitzengine

    Possibly gov-loc issues

    Rest assured Chief there is nothing wrong with your diff. What you see was done at the factory machine shop, perfectly normal.
  10. blitzengine

    Another new guy from Indy

    Welcome to SS from Valdosta Georgia. :beer:
  11. blitzengine

    Tire size to speedometer

    I am running 31's on my m1009 and my speedo is also off be three miles acording to my GPS. Sounds normal to me, I think [thumbzup] :beer:
  12. blitzengine

    First post, looking at a really nice Alaskan M1009 and M1008 help deciding!!

    Looks like a good deal, don't take to long to think about it and jump on it. :beer:
  13. blitzengine

    remove PTO, and replace with WHAT?

    Or you can make one yourself. :beer:
  14. blitzengine

    center console

  15. blitzengine

    Engine oil question

    For years I've always used Mobil on all my vehicles,for my diesels I use Mobil delvac 1300 super Api service CJ-4. :beer:
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