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    tell me about the MEP-501A

    I figured the batteries would be necessary. I already have a MEP-531a so I'm not going to bother investing in the parts to make this 501a a not so portable 120VAC unit. I really appreciate the replies, saved me a lot of time and money.
  2. BrutusM37

    tell me about the MEP-501A

    Sorry to revive an old thread... I have a MEP-501a with only 2.4hrs and it runs like a champ. I was going to use it for battery charging but plans changed. Was trying to sell it but no one in my area wants a bizarre 28V DC gen. Does anyone know if I can directly connect a 24VDC to 120VAC...
  3. BrutusM37

    M37 "creating" legroom

    Before you go grab that S10 wheel, be advised, I have the entire S10 steering column installed in my truck. Here is a pic of the leg (knee) room I have.
  4. BrutusM37

    M37 Thermostat?

    I run a 180 in SE Virginia with no issues. I had some vapor locking problems this past summer but that was due to the previous owner mounting an inline fuel filter in between the pump and carb (?) and the fuel lines were rubbing on a coolant line. Relocated the filter to the frame rail under...
  5. BrutusM37

    M37 "creating" legroom

    I have a smaller steering wheel in my M37 (came off an S10 I was told) and I can fit my knee in between it and the door. Definitely going to want power steering if you go with a smaller wheel.
  6. BrutusM37

    Heading from SE VA to Eastern PA on 30 Aug with empty truck and trailer

    Rolling north with an empty 18' car/equipment trailer (16' flat, 2' dovetail, HD ramps, 8,000 lb load capacity) and F-450 (8'x9' flatbed). Might have room on the truck's flatbed on the return trip. I usually go up the Eastern Shore but I can accommodate the DC/Baltimore route. Not looking to...
  7. BrutusM37

    I do recoveries in Portsmouth/Norfolk, VA

    - Mods, if I need to put this somewhere else, delete it, or get a "Vendor Account" just let me know and I will do so. - ***PM me before you bid*** I can recover items in Portsmouth/Norfolk, VA. Trucks/Vehicles: 2.5/5 Tons are no problem. Others on a case by case basis. $850: I will preview...
  8. BrutusM37

    M37 230 flathead oil drain plug question

    I like the weld a nut idea! Plus playing with the welder is always fun.
  9. BrutusM37

    M37 230 flathead oil drain plug question

    Can't. The splines are super shallow and the the square won't grab
  10. BrutusM37

    M37 230 flathead oil drain plug question

    First oil change on the PW has me stumped. What bit do I need for the drain plug? It's like a T60 Torx but has 8 points instead of 6. I've heard of them referred to as "double square" and "8 pt star" but can't find anything online. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm surprised the...
  11. BrutusM37

    M-37 Gearing

    I got my first M37 a few weeks ago and had been dealing with the same dilemma until I discovered this thread about putting a different carb on the 230 . . .!!!&highlight= I'm hoping regearing and swapping the...
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