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    California members

    Tom, Anaheim CA
  2. duffman1993

    2013 SoCal Fall Rally

    .........has that ever stopped me DUG???
  3. duffman1993

    2013 SoCal Fall Rally

    Well folks, I won't have a MV by then but I'll be out there in (moms) yellow target. DUG, you know what I'm taking about. I'm "Hopefully" leaving Friday morning. Prolly gonna depart around 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM. Anybody in the orange county area wanna meet up somewhere, I'm game. I look forward to...
  4. duffman1993

    2013 SoCal Fall Rally

    Well It's official, weather I get my blazer or not. I'm going. (so long as the date doesn't change......gotta put in for time off ya know) Still gonna try for a blazer though. Anybody know somebody selling one cheap?? (not to steal the thread) I can put the work in to it, just need the truck...
  5. duffman1993

    2013 SoCal Fall Rally

    Same Here, I got stuff going on the 26th. ...........However, if there's no choice.......plans change!!! :grd:
  6. duffman1993

    2013 SoCal Fall Rally

    Hey Rob, they haven's set up dates yet. Just noticed yer in trabuco canyon. I know that canyon like the back of my hand. Maybe we should meet up sometime??
  7. duffman1993

    2013 SoCal Fall Rally

    I'm currently in the process of buying a CUCV. If I get it by then, not a **** thing in the world is gonna stop me from going!!! :)
  8. duffman1993

    Dump Bed and Winch Install

    God, I wish I had a shop like yours!! :drool:
  9. duffman1993

    2013 SoCal Spring Rally

    My only concern is the ricochets from all the cleaning up. Last time, two of em landed in my camp, one of which went right past my head and put a small ding in my truck.
  10. duffman1993

    2012 SoCal Fall Desert Rally

    I know it works, but if I spin it to fast and throw all the grease out and lock em up. then YOU get to come help me fix it cuz it was YOUR idea. :D
  11. duffman1993

    2012 SoCal Fall Desert Rally

    I'm gonna go if I can. I'm gonna have the smallest truck there but I should be able to make it out. Just in case if I can't get my 4X4 fixed in time. You guys think I can make it out there in two wheel??? :deadhorse:
  12. duffman1993

    MIRAMAR AIR SHOW OCT. 2012 (Display Your MV within 100's of thousands of people)

    Can I tag along?? I have no MV but I would love to be a part of it. I willing to help with just about anything.
  13. duffman1993

    My M35A2 Project aka Big Betty

    I don't have a deuce yet. In all honesty, I don't know when I will get one. But I have to say, I'm SO GLAD i got bored and red through your thread. I have learned so much and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your progress. I look forward to more. I hope your son gets better. Two Thumbs...
  14. duffman1993

    Need Help Finding a pinz.

    Guys, I'm looking for a 710K. Preferably a diesel one but I'll take what I can get. Goose, I'll keep that in mind there good buddy -radio static- I need it set up like that because I have two other family members (plus the dogs) that I want to take with me. A 710M doesn't sound practical cuz...
  15. duffman1993

    Need Help Finding a pinz.

    I have been interested in the MV hobby for a long time but just recently, I've come to like the look and capability of a Pinz and I'd like to find one. I don't know where to begin but I'd like to get it tarted. My folks and I want a joint project and I figured since they want one REALLY BAD, I'd...
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