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    Dumpster truck backed into my M1009!

    gotta love truck drivers .
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    Attention!! Please use caution when driving vehicles home from auction!

    I have one that you could buy and get some serious time behind the wheel. :beer:
  3. jeep-Jeep

    hello from Tyler, TX

    welcome from central TEXAS:beer:
  4. jeep-Jeep

    CTIS support by CM AUtomotive Systems

    thanks for the update
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    ROLL CALL: "West Texas Detachment" Identify Yourselves, Please.

    here no fires at my front door yet .
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    So, what's the deal with trailer prices? My weekend rant.

    I think he is talking about me ! I paid $950 for my 416 and that was a good deal for its restored condition . My 101 a2 trailors were all around $300 and my 105a2 trailors were around $170 . :deadhorse:
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    So, what's the deal with trailer prices? My weekend rant.

    have you checked out the prices on m1009 trucks ? they sell for more on gl with no idea if they run than from private ownership .
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    M38/GPW wannabe!

    no tailgate . data plate ,military lights and switch ? are you sure it is a cj2a. I have both and this is for sure a hybred if not
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    M35a3 air problem???

    are you sure it is the ctis valve and not the air drier . a bad drier will make the compressor shut down and not produce air . It happened to me at a air show this weekend . a new drier fixed the problem
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    LED turn lights won't blink.

    you should be able to just change to a electrinic flasher . located under the hood not on the column . lots of places have them .
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    Delco batterys

    go to a real battery store Wally world sucks
  12. jeep-Jeep

    Delco batterys

    I own a total of 26 group 31 batteries and have had 2 fail they are decka brand
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    This is One Bad A** Trailer !!

    one sold in Tx for around $7500.00
  14. jeep-Jeep

    Gl put my purchase in the abandonment section

    you still should contact the site manager to see if it has gone too far
  15. jeep-Jeep

    Looking for GL bid advice

    you have to keep in mind GL is a government scrap yard not a used car lot. some bidders bid high and complain about a truck that has no use to the army because of the cost to repair.
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