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    Port Mechanic - HMMWVs

    Below is the link to the Page with all the TMs for the M998 truck.
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    Official 2015 Military Transport Association of NJ Show & Swap Meet 4/18-19

    I'm planning on being there with my truck weather providing.
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    M35A3 Rims on a M35A2???

    Thanks for the replies. What is the smallest tire that can be used? And still give me the same speedo ratio used with the 11.00s? If I do decide to invest in this, I have two issues: First, I have to buy 7 new tires. Second I need to make certain that the spare isn't too wide so as to not...
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    M35A3 Rims on a M35A2???

    Okay, well my M35A2 has had the hubs already flipped by the military unit that had charge of the truck before it went out to Liquidity Services. It has 11.00 x 20 Firestone tires, on single A2 split ring rimmed wheels. It also has the speedo adapter on the transfer case to accommodate for the...
  5. Lex_Ordo

    My Deuce!

    Oh that's Great! Good Luck with it. I have had mine for 6 years now, and still keep finding things to add or upgrade. Although at this point there isn't much left to do.
  6. Lex_Ordo

    Deuce and 939 series size difference

    Best Answer: Time in type. Either truck is fine if you learn the nuances of the particular one. That said... I have an M35A2. I love it! I like driving it, I like it's profile, the way the nose looks, I like the fact that I don't have to climb up so high to get into it (on either end). I love...
  7. Lex_Ordo

    M923 Air Pressure not building past 45 PSI...ANy IDEAS?

    Well in the end, I could not get anything to work. I am not a mechanic but I do like to tinker and most of the time can figure out an issue. Not this time. I canceled this truck, and drove the other back. The second was a gem. No problems at all. There might be a small fuel leak developing on...
  8. Lex_Ordo

    Cab Roof Support Bows

    Are you looking for the entire soft top cab kit or just the three bows that support it over the cockpit? I bought a set a few years back along with the cab storage bracket, from Saturn Surplus. I heard somewhere that Mark sold all his Deuce parts to Dave Newman at Eastern Surplus though. I...
  9. Lex_Ordo

    Air Horn Trumpets

    It is just easier to replace the entire set. They come with a new solenoid, which you cannot get separately. Also, the cost is nominal. $100 for a new two bell set of horns complete with a solenoid is no brainer. I had to do it on mine and am happy I did. Now, train horns are a different kettle...
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    M923 Air Pressure not building past 45 PSI...ANy IDEAS?

    Good afternoon everyone. I am picking up two M923 trucks on Tuesday from Ft Dix. The Disposition Site Manager called me to tell me that one of the trucks, will not release the Spring Brakes because the air pressure will not build higher than 45 PSI. I asked him if there was a leak, or if a...
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    11.00 R 20 Tires on M35A3 wheels???

    Simply asked, are the rim/ wheels supplied with the M35A3 extended service program trucks able to fit the M35A2 11.00 R 20 tires used on the older split rim wheels that are so common on the A2 dueces? I have an A3 truck with the standard 14.5 super singles that come on all M35A3 trucks, but...
  12. Lex_Ordo

    Convoy light dimensions

    The Military Convoy light kit is the way to go. I bought mine from Mark & Jay at Saturn a few years back. I was told that Mark recently sold his Duece Parts inventory to Dave Newman at Eastern Surplus. The kits run about $300, and includes everything needed for a true modular plug & play...
  13. Lex_Ordo

    41st Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally & Militaria Flea Market @ Aberdeen, MD

    Hi guys, I will be coming down as usual, however not with the truck this year. I am sending it in to the shop to replace the Master Cylinder. I want it done before Memorial Day, and Macungie, in June. John, I'm sorry I missed you at Sussex, but I told you I was going South. Anyway, Aberdeen is a...
  14. Lex_Ordo

    M756A2 pipeline construction vehicle

    Dave, take the data plate. That is a keeper just because you'll never locate another.
  15. Lex_Ordo

    Gas can tie down

    There are a few different straps. There is the mentioned two piece, which is how my can brackets came originally NOS, but they are canvas and left outside, they will eventually become brittel and tear. Then there is the clamp type, shown in a pic on the other mentioned thread. Also canvas...
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