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  1. Monty

    Who is selling adapter plates now?

    I have access to a water jet, if someone has prints and material type they can send I can get a quote also.
  2. Monty

    My new deuce build "FIONA"

    Great job on the hard top..
  3. Monty

    Thz71's M1008

    So where did you go wheeling at? Looks familiar.. Great build up by the way
  4. Monty

    oil pressure after turbo

    Drove mine 70 miles today and cold it was around 65psi and 30-35psi at 180 degrees while idling.
  5. Monty

    M715 Front disc brake conversion

    Did you ever get a kit put together? I'd be interested in one. Pm me the details thanks.
  6. Monty

    Where to put a locker?

    Can you pm me a price, thanks.
  7. Monty

    M817: Starting issues, no prime, at wits end!

    I had the same problem on my 818, truck ran fine for the first year I owned it then I was running it in winter using the ("wonderful pump method") to move some things around. After about five cold starts using the cold starting method on the dash the truck started getting harder and harder to...
  8. Monty

    M923A2 Cold Weather Recovery Tomorrow!

    Nice looking truck. Hope this will be the last of your problems.
  9. Monty

    M816 multifuel and 53" tires

    If your looking for a vehical to start on let me know, I maybe selling a few trucks since I have something else going on thats taking up alot of my time. Send me a PM and I can get you my contact information. I live just North of you and I'm alot cheaper than Oskosh truck :-). Monty
  10. Monty

    Down side to putting a 6.5 turbo in my 1009?

    Misread, I see you said that the 6.5 was mechanical injected, otherwise you'd need to swap out injection pumps. The computer controlled 6.5's need the computer to run the injection pump pulse width, advace and as a govener. The 6.5 is a good engine for what it was designed, not as easy to...
  11. Monty

    Down side to putting a 6.5 turbo in my 1009?

    The injection pump is computer controlled. A friend of mine has a 6.5 sitting on a stand that he got for the injection pump for his current truck, I was researching how to put a 6.2 mechanical injection pump on it and swap that into my CUCV.
  12. Monty

    M51 Recovery

    What did you use for paint and how much did it take?? Thanks
  13. Monty

    starter grinding

    Oh Yea......... Welcome to the site :beer:
  14. Monty

    starter grinding

    Grinding, check to make sure the starter is engaging the flywheel completly, and the starter is tight to the engine. You need to have two good batteries otherwise the bendex won't engage the teeth of the starter into the flexplate and you'll strip teeth on it. Pull the inspection cover and...
  15. Monty

    Holley 885JJ Rebuild Project Progress

    Looks like your have yourself a work in progress, it looks great though. It'll be sweet once you get it done.
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