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    deuce of a different breed

    I have a 48 1 1/2 ton dump. It looks a little better than that one does lol. My brother also has a 46-7? I'm thinking its a 1 1/2 ton flat bed. both in pretty good shape. I'll try and get a couple of pics.
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    Check your rocker arms also, Mine were loose and it caused it to knock also. I heard it more in the air filter canister, might want to listen to that when it first starts.
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    need to move a m109 from curtisville mi. to clio mi.

    Ya I was up at a friends for hunting season and it let go on me. I talked to drangonwagon, and I probably wont be able to do it until after christmas. Bob I talked to you one time at the meet in Clair, its been a couple of years but I showed up on my bike. Where are you up in that area, I...
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    need to move a m109 from curtisville mi. to clio mi.

    For a tow, Thanks I will.
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    need to move a m109 from curtisville mi. to clio mi.

    Can anyone give me a idea what it would cost me?
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    need to move a m109 from curtisville mi. to clio mi.

    The first one was on my way home from here the last time. I fixed it and all was well, on my way back up for deer season I blew a injector line at the ip, and then I got the knocking sound of the rocker, pulled the cover and found another one loose. Adjusted both. First one I had no adjustment...
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    need to move a m109 from curtisville mi. to clio mi.

    Ya that's what're I thennk us the cam. They loosened up but the locking nut is still tight. So i adjusted it and it loosened again to the point I have no adjustment left. Pushrod is straight also.
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    need to move a m109 from curtisville mi. to clio mi.

    I think I lost a cam in my 109 and it won't run long, but I can move it around the yard and onto a trailer if needed. Don't have a lot of money but i can pay for the fuel and your time. I want to see what it will cost me and if I should just leave it at a friends house for now. Thanks.
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    need advice, think I popped a piston :(

    Ok here's an update. I thought I had everything fixed, Took it for short rides around my area and everything was good. I went to make a 150 mile road trip for deer camp and it was a 14 hr adventure. First I had a fuel line break at the ip pump. Fixed that at a gas station. With a 11/16, 9/16...
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    M109 window falling apart... Rebuildable?

    I had a friend of mine rebuild mine. I did some work for him on his car and he rebuilt all 7 of the Windows for me. Not sure what he used as far as sizes but I know he did it and the fit and seel great no leaks at all.
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    need advice, think I popped a piston :(

    No I haven't, I've been busy reading my house. I have drove it and everything felt and sounded good. I do plan on pulling the cover again and looking before I drive it back up north for hinting season. I'll check back when I do.
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    M109a3 -AC anyone installed a AC unit

    Travis I have a roof mounted unit, not sure if it needs recharged or not but its complete. I changed my plans and I am going with a window unit. If you want it call or text me.
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    M109A3 conversion in progress, setting the standard

    Sorry about the hijack, You do havea great build and do really nice work. Yes we do all build our truck to our own liking, I used other members ideas on my truck also. I have a couple of pics on here of mine, Ive owned it for almost 3 yrs now and still dont have it finished. For me its...
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