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    Would love to hear your thoughts on a M275A2

    Thats a good looking truck you got there for 4K! I was thinking somewhere in the area of 11.5k-2k also. My last deuce i bought from these guys was in running condition, to the point i was able to drive it home, for 2.5K. What do you mean if the drivetrain works as it should though? Im guessing...
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    Would love to hear your thoughts on a M275A2

    Thanks for your insight! I appreciate it.
  3. Tlauden

    Would love to hear your thoughts on a M275A2

    Hi guys. Its been awhile since I have been on the board, mainly because I had sold the deuce I used to have. I know, I'm :cookoo::cookoo: for doing that... Anyhow, I have been eyeing this bad boy up for years now. The gentleman said they may be willing to sell it now since they no longer...
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    m923a2 with straight pipe

    Sweet sounding ride! How much did u turn your pump up?
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    Getting ready to start running WMO in my deuce and need opinions on process.

    Never thought about back-flushing, that's a neat idea. My problem was finding pumps to move the stuff. I am too broke to spend a couple hundred on a good pump that's made for these thick oils, and all the hand pumps I tried always leaked from various areas around the pump housing. The nice part...
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    Getting ready to start running WMO in my deuce and need opinions on process.

    Have fun! I tried running WMO and the costs of filtering just started going through the roof. I just got rid of almost 400 gallons of WMO and About 300 gallons of WVO. Diesel at the pump is so much easier LOL!!
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    cost of ownership (the real cost of a deuce)

    I'm scared to think what it's going to cost to get mine on the road again in spring, I'm going to completely overhaul the brake system. A few months ago I got a steal on a NOS master cylinder and NOS air pack, about $130 total. Going to replace all the rubber brake lines and all 6 wheel...
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    Bobbed deuce or 5 ton for light to moderate crawling, mudding, and general wheeling

    Um yea, We wheel them!!! I've never driven a 5 Ton or a bobbed deuce but I'd imagine a 5 ton is on the verge of being to big for some 4-wheelin trails. Bobbed deuces though look awesome on the trails!!!! My stock deuce also did great on the trails, and it was some thick clay type mud that...
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    Anyone installed dual tanks on their deuce?

    This summer I plan on installing dual tanks in the bed of the deuce, I plan on just hard-piping them together using the drain holes on the tanks. Maybe put a "t" with a valve on it so I can still drain them if the need arises. No pumps to mess with to transfer fuel, just let gravity do it's thing :P
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    My Deuce Emergency Lights

    Sounds like a good design, looking forward to seeing the finished product
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    My Deuce Emergency Lights

    My Deuce Emergecy Lights Man, sweet lightbar!! Had one identical on my truck except in blue/white. The PA light law is a big gray area, and as mentioned it's not enforced. When running my deuce on the highways I always have my 8" Amber strobe light on. I want to be as safe as I can running 45...
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    Just bought my first deuce

    Sorry don't have a pic but did a quick search of the forums, seems as if the Vinni's on the right side of the frame behind the tire area...
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    Sirens are great for parades (in moderation, they could damage people's hearing easily), but most likely they will get you in big trouble to just use whenever you feel the urge. I would go with horns for the idiot driver situation. The deuce compressor has about 7.5cfm according to some quick...
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    Southern California newbie to SS and MV's

    Welcome! Let's see some picks of this beast!!! Including this train horn setup!!
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