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    Turret Leak Fix Materials

    Good Deal. I am trying to figure out a way to seal up our departments HMMWV's.
  2. TURKEY131

    Turret Leak Fix Materials

    Have you tried it in the rain yet? How does it work?
  3. TURKEY131

    Mep 002a Volatage 160 volts

    Got it makes sense. Thanks!!!
  4. TURKEY131

    Mep 002a Volatage 160 volts

    During the last blizzard we lost power for about 3 hours. The generator ran great except for the voltage stayed at 160 volts. I cold not adjust it down. I have been looking through the threads and it has something to do with the the voltage regulator. I am thinking of replacing it with the...
  5. TURKEY131

    Cargo Cover bungees

    Thanks for the information. Ill give the Mcmaster-Carr a try.
  6. TURKEY131

    Cargo Cover bungees

    I have checked the site and could not find anything. I am looking for an alternative for the bungees that hold down the cargo covers. I have had not luck with the militarily bungees. They keep braking on me. Anyone find a good alternative?
  7. TURKEY131

    M3 medium tank

    Cool video thanks for sharing!
  8. TURKEY131

    Halftrack 1943 Autocar

    Very cool! How did you come by this beauty?
  9. TURKEY131

    5 ton fuel tank selector valve cleaning/rebuild

    Andrmorr, I am Interested, any idea on the price?
  10. TURKEY131

    If you work beneath your truck, absolutely close the cab doors!

    Been there done that!! My head still hurts 6 years later. I was working on my Deuce and did the exact same thing.
  11. TURKEY131

    Manually turning over the 8.3

    Any ideas on how to manually turn over the 8.3. Looking at he flywheel and I only see 3 bolts so I am a bit stumped. I just need to make sure my motor is not seized.
  12. TURKEY131

    Connected my MEP-803A the proper way as my home standby generator... Install pics...

    Glockfan do you where did you purchase your transfer switch? And I like the idea of the light indicating when the power is restored as well. Where I am at I would have know way of knowing without driving a 1/2 mile down the roadway. Where would get that as well.
  13. TURKEY131

    Connected my MEP-803A the proper way as my home standby generator... Install pics...

    Glockfan, Awesome job! What size panel do you have in your house? 100amp?
  14. TURKEY131

    M931a Fuel Issue

    Ok thanks so the easiest thing to do is to open the tops of the tanks?
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