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    That was good info. Thanks. I could not open the .doc I see the wire from the rear battery negative running to the glow plug circuit. That must also be a link to the drivers side alt. Interesting. That's why I come here. To share and learn. This old gal had her wiring hacked long ago. That's...
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    Burned Fusible Links after Starter Run-on Explained and Illustrated

    Reads as a starter problem. I did this modification after repeated failures of the stock relay. It works good and I have had no further problems from that. Hesitant to post in this thread as it is a good sticky. Others have so here goes. My key start part has gone bad, it is sticky. I guess...
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    I do not think so. The drivers side alt hooks to the passenger side alt then that is sent to the power strip. The forward battery hooks to the rear battery then hooks to the power strip. There is no separate wiring there. The driver side alt shows 12.3 volts The passenger side 24.8 and that is...
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    No maintainer used. The vehicle was not in storage, but I do not get out much anymore. I really need to get my battery maintainer functioning correctly or replace it I suppose. It could also have been vibration that got it. The old gal is rotting away so I have had to come up with creative ways...
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    Well the receipts say 2012 I replaced the batteries as a pair. One of them died over the winter. The battery was still under replacement warranty so they replaced it (thanks tractor supply) for a no hassle resolution. So that leaves me in a debate with my understanding of the situation. The...
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    Who to use to move a Tank?
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    M1009 body swap

    2cents Send me a message with a price.
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    Traction: Super Singles or Duals?

    Super singles get better fuel mileage. It is a fact. The reason they have been resisted for many years. If you blow a duel tire it is aggravating but life goes on. If you blow a super single, you are where you are till repairs can be made. As noted before they are terrible on the road in...
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    CUCV Frame?
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    Yeah I'm a hard head

    Kinda looks like you may need to add the cost of a lift kit to your list. Persistance can be a good or bad thing. Looking good though:-D
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    Update threads with solutions

    I also like when there is a good thread going or existing. And they start another:roll: Been going since 06 March 2009 16 April 2009
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    Which gauges are supposed to light up?

    There are supposed to be dash lights? Next things you will be telling me. > There is supposed to be a light on the 4x range selector. > The wipers have more than one speed and an auto park feature.
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    underdash starter relay.

    I finally got this modification to work. Had to purchase another part to try. 94-97 Super Duty Diesel Glow Plug Relay (Allied Electronics) 576-1078 (Stancor Heavy Duty 586-902) (Autozone) MR99 (Ford) F7TZ-12B533-CA (94-96 with pigtail) (Ford) F81Z-12B533-AC? (96-early 2000 w/o pigtail)...
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    underdash starter relay.

    I double checked - Black chassis ground wire to mount - Check No start. Oh well. Maybe buy the isolated ground type and try again. But it works for now :roll:good enough for my old mule.
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    underdash starter relay.

    Same as jumping across a solenoid. Turn key on then touch red and purple. Good point on the ground. I could have sworn i tried all ground Possibilities. Will try some more later and see what happens.
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