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    what is the name of this color?

    wow thanks! is this the color typicaly used for stencil/ letter # background?
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    what is the name of this color?

    the stripe on the tailgate, where can I get it?
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    Need Help For Loadout Camp Shelby Mississippi ...

    I ended up with "auto transport service inc. 1-800-523-7182" when I had mine picked up from camp shelby and sent to california. That was 7/19/04 ago. They were contracted by "all american auto transport inc" the salesmans name was Kurt I don't know if he still works there but he...
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    rear pintle question

    Is the rear mounting/ support bracket for the rear pintle the same size between the pickup and blazer models??
  5. 85-m1028

    No power what could be wrong ?

    lift pump should be checked, crank it over with the bleeder screw loose. If fuel squirts out its good.
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    Dana 60 Trac Lok odds.

    I did the same thing only I just locked in one hub and I couldn't get the driveshaft to spin, I was pretty suprised at how well they grab!!
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    M1009 shut off like ran out of fuel

    broken crank is a more common occurance than a timing chain. this is usually due to a harmonic balancer with bad rubber. you could pull the glow plugs and check if the pistons are all pushing out air when you crank it. these motors can be purchased cheap as good used take outs from the...
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    m1008 Lift

    Only real issue I've ever had was a front spring eye bolt that rusted in the sleeve and I had to cut it out. Locating a new bolt was harder than I would of thought. A new set of u-bolts is a must and should be tightened to spec with a good torque wrench. Relocating the brake lines would be...
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    1800 miles, no license plates, half a pack of smokes...

    I think the only mistake you made was telling a bunch of rigid coots on this site that you drove it home! keep on truckin! land of the free and home of the brave, or so I sometimes think!!
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    HMMWV A2 Project

    Man that thing sweet! It would almost be a shame to get it dirty!! "almost" :razz: Are you going to see how she handles out on the trails?? I am in the proccess of making my 97 H-1 drivetrain a mechanical set up, on my list is a mechanical waste gate and trans controller.. Would you...
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    I second the glow plug suggestion!! the fact that kicked the first time is an indication the plugs were almost gone.. use and ohm meter on the flat tang and one of the hex sides.. should get some resistance through it..
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    Kansas City roll call!

    hardcorps: that is by far the best avatar I have ever seen!! welcome to the best mv sit on the net!!:grin:
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    It's unfair

    What exactly makes you an underacheiver? Selling an extra vehicle to cover some expenses?? I don't get it.
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    Anyone need A/C?

    I just figured if you already have a CUCV and you needed some a/c on the cheap.
  15. 85-m1028

    Anyone need A/C?

    keep in mind summer is comming up and with global warming there will be plenty of melting faces and sweaty butt cracks going around!! Needs a few things but it's a start! chevy C/K add on A/C unit - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board
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