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    try not to cry, i dare you...

    I've seen so many of those frameless trailer tip over it's not funny. Uneven dump area, misload or frozen loads it doesn't take much. Last one I saw landed on a Cat 235C excavator and just missed the occupied cab. Scary.
  2. Dueceownerjoe

    I bought a garbage truck, hahaha

    Oh I know. I spent a good many years filling those bodies full of trash and repairing them.
  3. Dueceownerjoe

    I bought a garbage truck, hahaha

    I wish you or I were closer, I want that Heil garbage body. I'd modify it and put int on my Deuce.
  4. Dueceownerjoe

    Another spinon primary filter install

    Nice job!
  5. Dueceownerjoe

    Grenade Shifter

    Cheaper than Dirt or sportsmans Guide sell the Pineapple, lemon and Baseball dummy grenades. I've picked them up at gun shows for $10.00 each.
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    1952 gmc on craigslist in Michigan

    1952 gmc army truck 6x6 2 1/2 ton for sale $2500.00obo or part it out 1952 gmc army truck 6x6 2 1/2 ton for sale $2500.00obo or part it out - $2500 (algonac)
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    Dual Tanks

    On old equipment we would just pump from a spare tank into the the tank the engine feeds off of. No crossoverline just a feed line from a pump in the spare tank. You have to watch the tank gauge when filling from the spare.
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    Are you looking to build something like this;
  9. Dueceownerjoe

    Michelin XL's

    Thanks for the tire the info guys, it's what I've been looking for.
  10. Dueceownerjoe

    15.50 and 14.50 xl tires on stock deuce rims

    Thanks for the in for the tire info, it's what I've been looking for.
  11. Dueceownerjoe

    MV security

    Manydifferent types of door locks,
  12. Dueceownerjoe

    Winter recovery M35A2 tip on cab heat

    phantomjeep, how did the trucks look at Selfridge?
  13. Dueceownerjoe

    LED lights for M109 Campers

    I have been looking at the camper/RV conversions of the M109 and started researching interior lighting. I ran across the following strip LED lights for truck boxes and trailers. Thought I would post the links for all to see. We found them in the NAPA...
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    Military Vehicle Projects

    Thanks for the info, I've been looking for some of those.
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