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    M1010 somebody talk me down

    Recovery 4X4 answered most of your questions right on. The bracket on the passenger side floor is for an M-8 chemical agent detector. The bracket at the center of the dash is not military. Although it is located where a radio mount belongs it is not the correct mount. The transfer shift lever...
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    And for god sake read the tm

    An air tank is the empty space between ones ears if he/she doesn't have enough sense to learn how the vehicles he has work and how to safely operate them.
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    Glow plug question

    There are no glow plugs, but there is a "flame heater" in the intake manifold. Fuel is sprayed into the intake manifold and ignited to heat incoming air. There should be a momentary toggle switch and an instruction plate to the left of the steering wheel. You should not need to use this very...
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    Diesel generators

    Most military gensets can be configured to provide either single or three phase power and can also be configured for different output voltages.
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    ID for a telescoping mast.

    That is the tower for a three light floodlight set. Two towers, each with three lights and a 5KW genset made up the complete unit. Ontario surplus sell the towers to ham operators for their antennas.
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    24VDC Generator Update

    Saturn Surplus has parts for both the engine and the generator. He may have the resistor you need.
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    MEP003A Parts

    Try Saturn Surplus.
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    chain lock

    So, about chains and locks in MVs. Nearly all military vehicles have a keyless ignition switch; you could just imagine if, in combat situations, someone couldn't find the key. When DoD bought the CUCV series of vehicles they were modified COTS (commercial off the shelf) products and did not...
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    antenna mounting studs

    If you need antenna mount kits for the CUCV Saturn Surplus had them, not sure if he still does.
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    discovered sandcolor under OD, 1st gulfwar vet?

    Not all of the vehicles sent to Desert Storm, whether painted tan or not, had the inverted V on them. There was a severe shortage of tan paint as we prepared to deploy, so many vehicles, especially those belonging to support units, did not get the tan livery.
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    Who Has Heater Mounting Plates?

    John Tennis aka jtonka had the plates. He also now has oil filter adapters for canister filters and lockout hubs.
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    Electric Gremlin-- M1009

    I had a problem almost exactly like yours. My truck was running fine when I parked it one day. The next time I tried to start it Nothing! There was no power to the dash or nearrly anywhere else inside. Batteries checked OK. I chased cirucits per the wiring diagram wiith an ohm meter or...
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    Pulling an M105 trailer behind a M1009?

    We just pulled a 1.5 T generator trailer with two 5 K gensets and accessories mounted on it about 90 miles from Mechanicsburg with my M1009. The trailer lunette was turned down, which made the load ride nearly level. The trailer lights worked fine, if just a little dim on the 12V system. As...
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    10 kw tactical quiet generator

    I won't argue with crash af's definition of tactical asto "quiet", but you youngsters must keep in mind that not much was done with regard to sound suppression of gensets until the 80's or 90's. We did not see sound suppressed sets in medical units until well after Desert Storm, when our gas...
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    10 kw tactical quiet generator

    Tactical referes to any item or piece of equipment designd or intended to be used in a deployed or combat environment. With regards to generators a genset does not need to have a sound reducing kit installed to be tactical. They started replacing our gas burning sets with new "TQG" (tactical...
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