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    M35A2 Insurance in Pennsylvania

    I have my truck registered as a classic car and insured through my local Erie agent, $150 a year and no issues.
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    What am I and what am I worth?

    Also have another piece. Here are some pictures of it. A 50cal can fits into the slots on the bottom. ???
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    What am I and what am I worth?

    Took a little while to get back. Any Ideas? Found some writing on the mount. 80063-SM-D-806779-2 80063-ASSY-SM-C-806711 80063-ASSY-SM-D-807990 1Y325 The ring on the bottom also says 80063-SM-D-806750
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    What am I and what am I worth?

    Not sure if this is for the mule or not but the ring on the bottow looks like it may fit. Anyideas :?:
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    Good cheap insurance...who's better

    1970 M35a2 for $160/ year through Erie
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    Need Radiator For Deuce

    Also forgot to mention, i need the wiring harness for the fuel burning heater also. The one with the 5 Pin female plugs on either end. Thanks Kirk
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    Need Radiator For Deuce

    Have a 1970 Kaiser M35A2 W/W. Multifuel turbo. Looking for a radiator that doesn't leak like the one i have now. Let me know what you have. KVFC_241@Hotmail*remove*.com Thanks Kirk
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    Battery Equalizer

    Hi i have a Vanner Model 60-50 Battery Equalizer i picked up thinking about having the ability to add 12v goodies to the duece. I've decided i will probably never do it so if anyone is interested it could be yours. It is a used unit and worked when it was removed. As far as i understand it...
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    Snow plow recommendations

    If your just using it to do driveways and not plowing main roads i had great luck with an 8 1/2' Myer angle glyde plow off of an '06 Ford Duallie. I made a set of mounts using pieces of truck frame rail welded to the front bumper and angle iron goin back to the bumper bolts to tie it all...
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    Gotta get rid of my truck!

    Looking at getting on with Stat Medivac in Pa. Have a few years to go. Currently PA-EMT Working on RN then on to PHRN. Going to a community college in Butler PA. Tuition isn't bad its the rent and the books.
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    Gotta get rid of my truck!

    I know, but nursing school has taken priority over everything else at the moment. But i figure when i'm rich working as a flight nurse i'll be able to buy another one.
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    Gotta get rid of my truck!

    Unfortunately going to school costs to freaking much at the moment so i have to sell my truck. 1970 Kaiser M35A2 W/W Runs good, breaks were just gone through and also work good. Have two 105 (I believe 1 1/2 ton trailers) with it and two sets of dual tire chains. Has Convoy lights and newer...
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    M35A2 Insurance.. Got it!

    I have mine insured with Erie Ins. Group. $150 a year. Hopefully never have to use it though
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    Questions about buying a deuce

    RE: Thx for the info How far are you looking to travel to get one? Have a 1970 M35A2 w/w soft top about 400 miles from you. Its in the classifieds, $5500 obo. I'd be glad to let you come and drive it around.
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    4x4ing the deuce?

    Hi, i've always liked the looks of the shortened dueces and have been thinking about doing this to my truck. I have looked around and have read that to do this you can use 105 trailer springs, or front springs off of a duece or a 5-ton. Is it possible to use the original springs already on the...
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