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    m105 pickup at Richmond,va

    Is there someone local to Richmond,va that could pickup a m105 and hold it until I can pick it up from you on the weekend? The address is 8000 Jefferson Davis. Th load out times are wed, thursday, friday 8am-1:30pm. Thanks, J.R.
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    Deuce tracks!

    Someone is stalking you.....
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    Whistler turbo

    A simple searched retrieved this thread
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    Bought A Tank

    Thanks for the good review. I have wanted to do something like that after I saw the mechanic one a few months ago. This tread just pushed me over the edge and made me make a movie.
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    Why do people bash the CUCV?

    Cucv=wheel chock (j/k)
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    Bought A Tank

    Well, everything in that movie is either taken from this thread, copied and pasted OR from my own mind. That particular comment is from my our mind and you can use it freely, released under the GPL or some crap. I can not speak for anyone else. I used what people said in the spirit of the...
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    Bought A Tank

    Everyone listen up, this is for CARNAC and the rest of you guys. Submitted for you viewing please, Pinkie's first movie. Xtranormal | Bought A Tank
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    I am not 18 anymore

    Mine came with a step on the front, original issue. It really helps. I am not saying buy it from this company but there is a picture. truck body parts: M35A2 and 5 Ton Front Bumper Step Kit N.O.S. Sales, Buy truck body parts: M35A2 and 5 Ton Front Bumper Step Kit N.O.S. Products from P
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    Just a few reasons it's good to own a CUCV...

    Funny you say that. When I brought my first deuce home, with side exhaust, a convertible (summertime) pulled up on my right. Yes I was in the left lane at a top light. Non turbos smoke like a train anyway, I filled his convertible with dino smoke. He wasn't happy. He was driving a Sebring...
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    Another FNG

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    Michael @ Richmond GL

    I was wondering what was always doing to damage to he boots/sheilds/front axles. Some in portsmouth are like that too.
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    Bought A Tank

    If you flip the hubs and put the tracks on backwards, you can reach 90 mph without the tracks coming apart. Also, you may want to turn the fuel up. Its all in the TMs. Please do a search before posting. Thanks, J.R.
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    Right and wrong way to start a deuce

    Thread high jack - Can we make a "Best Of" list? I will probably get banned for this.
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    M536 trailer

    I need something like that to carry the gator and the 4 wheeler on! Nice trailer.
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    New from WI

    Just to make sure you know, beware of Kenny LOL, and WELCOME!
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