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    Restored AN/GRC-46

    It's been a while since I've seen anybody discussing the AN/GRC-46 RATT set but i know there were several restorations ongoing 6-8 years ago. I had a fully restored set at one time and had it completely described and pictured on When that site went belly up I lost all control of...
  2. AN/GRC-46

    Restoration Finished - Roll Out Today

    Couldn't look nicer. I used to have one that looked just like it!
  3. AN/GRC-46

    Blackout Stop Light Info Needed

    PM sent
  4. AN/GRC-46

    My Restoration Progress

    it looks like there are a few nice tailgates.
  5. AN/GRC-46

    Need help Identifing Yr.of M-37

    I think the grille is either a CJ-2A or a CJ-3A although i think the parking lights on those were usually inset rather than surface mount.
  6. AN/GRC-46

    Why is this jack here

    It's used to level the truck when parked on uneven terrain.
  7. AN/GRC-46

    Rusty nuts and bolts

    I've found the wax method to far and away the best. Remember to work the bolt or nut both ways rather than just trying to unscrew it all at one time.
  8. AN/GRC-46

    Draft Pads

    I didn't have any KY jelly so I tried some grape jelly we had in the cupboard. It just made a big mess. Seriously, soaking the pads in hot water for several minutes followed by silicone spray lube on the pedal and pad made easy work of the installation. I just couldn't get the pads to stay in...
  9. AN/GRC-46

    Kids in the truck question

    In PA you don't need seat belts unless they were originally available in the vehicle. I thought that Ohio's laws were a bit more lax than PA's.
  10. AN/GRC-46

    Keyed door locks?

    David Ahl's grossly overpriced "restoration" book has a how-to for this. I no longer have my copy but maybe someone that does can give you the details.
  11. AN/GRC-46

    Untimely passing of my daughter

    It's so sad to read of your loss. The petty problems others face with transmissions, tires, rear axles, etc pale so much in comparison. She will live on in your thoughts. My prayers are with you, her and your family.
  12. AN/GRC-46

    To Paint or Not?

    Ron, that red primer under the fender was put there as part of the repair made to the rusted out area under the headlights.
  13. AN/GRC-46

    How to get my new deuce home?

    Don't forget to take a credit card with enough available to pay for an overnight at a motel if it breaks down somewhere. And the phone number of a heavy-duty towing outfit. You may need cash for a tow, and they're not cheap.
  14. AN/GRC-46

    Need a wiring diagram for 1963 m-37

    If you have a 1963 then you have an M37B1 and the wiring is indeed different from the earlier M37. I can tell you that much but unfortunately I no longer have the reference books to help you out. Someone here will come up with the info you need.
  15. AN/GRC-46

    Bumper Letter Height

    TB 746-93-1 does not specify the size of the Unit (Bumper) Markings, only that they be the largest size practical, no larger than the Registration (Hood) Numbers (which are "3") and that they be applied preferably with vinyl lettering or gasoline-soluable paint. I think I read somewhere that...
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