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    M1009 no electrical power

    I had a similar issue on my M1009.Changed every fuseable link.Cleaned the fuse box and many connections.I checked voltage everywhere and it let to the conclusion I had a bad ground somewhere.Started chasing grounds all over and cleaning them.Finally when I had almost given up after two days of...
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    Post Your CUCV Snow Pics Here!

    When the plow truck would not start do to a dead battery from the lights being left on(a civilian K5 with a 6.2)the old M1009 was used to jump it. and again used when one of the snowmobiles broke down a few miles from the house.
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    Front Hitch Install question

    I cobbled one together.It is not the sexiest thing,but it works and I used parts I had laying around.
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    Sticking throttle shaft

    I had a similar experience with my 1009.Turned out to be the throttle return spring.The old spring felt to me like it was strong enough,but on the advise of a friend I replaced it.The new spring was probably twice as strong as the removed one,and the issue has not recurred in 2+ years.I picked...
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    CUCV Cold Weather Start Experince

    Northern Minnesota here.I have installed a 1000 watt block heater in my 1009.When it is below 0(often)I plug it in.The difference is incredible.The glow plugs kick off in under 10 seconds and if fires right up.Without the block heater,below zero and it was a 50/50 chance of starting at all after...
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    CUCV Winch?

    It may not be ideal,but was made from parts I already had.I have used it for a little over two years now pulling logs and a few cars out of ditches.It works well enough for me.I also have a rear standard hitch mount.
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    Very strange "Tink" Noise

    Go now and look for a mark on your harmonic balancer.I heard a similar "Tink,Tink noise on my M1009,the balancer had slipped and you could see where it had rubbed a little.Do NOT drive it if this is the case.Replace the balancer or lose the engine.Also when seating the new balancer use the...
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    CUCV Picture Challenge

    Local gravel pit(yes we still have snow on the ground). Front view from last summer. and just for giggle a picture of my arch enemy with his back turned to me!
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately? - Part 1

    I had to remove my front tire mount to add the winch. Angle iron welded to the front shackle mounts and to the brush guard.I used an old trailer hitch so I could move the winch to either the front or back.Power up front was easy,the rear power has not been.Currently the only way I could use it...
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    M1009 Transmission rebuild nightmare,and how to avoid it.

    Issue. Transmission totally out.No gears at all. Pull the transmission and had it fully rebuilt by a reliable transmission shop. Transmission #2 shifts erratically.Up shifting at 22 and 30 until warm then it just went all over the place.Sometimes shifting 1 to second at 10 other times skipping...
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    Anyone use their 6.2 diesel with a power inverter for camping?

    I have a bright power 3500 watt on the rear wheel well hooked to the rear 24v bus.Works for odd jobs and camping.The spare tire carrier is nice for wrapping a couple cords on as well...
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    M1009 rusted front roof corner

    I agree about not using silicone as a sealer as it does attract water.I did water proofing for a living for roughly 15 years. The best caulk (I have used or seen in actual applications)for anything with any movement is Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment...
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    M1009 Snow plow 2011

    Blizzard 760LT(2011) Plow Box B0761 Undercarriage B30089 Headlamp harness B62220 Joystick B62073 This set up will bolt right up to an M1009.It is the only set up I have found that will.I would like to know if any one has any other options for the M1009.The price at the local Blizzard dealer is...
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    Looking for solar panel and inverter opitons

    I put a 24V inverter on the rear passenger wheel well (M1009)and connected directly to the handy 24V power buss. 3500 watt with 7000 watt surge.It is not always on like some inverters(that would drain the batteries in a hurry)it has an on off switch and can also be turned on with a remote...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately? - Part 1

    Set Gen2 on fire.... nopics
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