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    CUCV gun trucks?

    I would easily believe that these CUCVs were modified to provide squad level and unit level tactical training for convoy operations. If the unit doesn't have HMMWVs with turrets, but will take them over when they go to the sandbox, better train them how to cover all sectors with what you've got.
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    Hope you all don't hate me for this...

    Looks like a nicely matched truck and trailer pair. Just paint them both OD and no one (well, maybe some on here) would know the difference.
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    Another M37 junkie poppin' his head up...

    When I bought my M-37s from a gent that was about 6'6" (taller than me at 6'3") I found he'd taken the driver seat back out and replaced it with a smaller cushion. That made the clearance from the belly to the steering wheel easier and also put the left leg at a more natural angle to run the...
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    Is this an M880?

    Yes, M888. My first National Guard unit had 4 of these that were eventually replaced with the CUCV Shop Equipment Contact Maintenance Truck Mounted body on a M1031 Chassis. Fill it with tools and know how and you'll be the most popular guy on the trail.
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    is this a m-37?

    Sorry. I knew that. I was trying to picture the underhood connection while I was typing that. The EXHAUST would be behind the cab. The one by the passenger door is for the air INTAKE. But, still, do I get the point for spotting it? huh? pleeeeezze?:p
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    is this a m-37?

    Did no one else spot the exhaust snorkle? And it's not a canvas top OR a hard top. Right now, it's a NO top! LOL:mrgreen:
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    What the...........?

    Why do you assume the owner is a non-veteran? Probably half or more of the owners represented on SS are non-veterans. That doesn't mean they add every possible doo-dad to their trucks. The truck is complete, has some very nice, hard to find accessories (troop seats, bows, spare tire spinner...
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    m101a2 Dimensions

    From the TM9-2330-202-14&P in the resources section: M101A2, M101A3, AND M116A2 GENERAL Angle of Departure .............................................................................................................30° Center of Gravity (Measured from Center of Rear Axle)...
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    Cucv ii

    I have pics of the LSSV (I called it a CUCVIII, I think) at Phelps Collins Air National Guard base that I took in 2004. I'll look those up. Don't think they'll be up for auction any time soon. Found some already scanned:
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    Michigan Winter 2010 MV Rally.

    Previously, we ran tracked vehicles that WERE LICENSED AS SNOWMOBILES on the snowmobile trails but still raised a ruckus because we took up two lanes of traffic. If you're planning on running trucks with chains, I would suggest using the DNR fire lanes, scenic (unplowed) county roads, and/or...
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    M-37 jump seat trivia question

    The M37 belonging to the Michigan Museum of Military Transportation Foundation is an ex-Air Force Truck (blue interior). The bed shows the bolts for mounting the jump seat, but no seat is there. Someone (?) mounted the spare tire carrier to the right side seat back.
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    M35A2 Operator's Manual

    The -361 is the most updated version of the manual. It covers the same parts of the truck only with (hopefully) all the necessary corrections to descriptions and procedures that may have had errors in the previous edition. For the higher level manuals, the -209 series may be all that you'll...
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    M1031 dies when PTO is engaged

    And don't forget to sink your ground rod! At least, that's what they kept telling us when we used it to run the tent lights one time at annual training.
  14. bigbee

    Deuce & 1/2 Gun Trucks

    Driver, Did any unit have BOTH deuces AND 5 tons? And was there any other unit that had distinctive "command directed" markings like those yellow nose trucks? BTW, thank you for your continued service through educating us all about transportation "in-country."
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    you gotta be kidding!

    The front end looks like it's been extended? Non-standard headlights? Nicely done, but arouses curiosity.
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